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Greece the Best Country for Travelers

Readers’ Travel Award Condé Nast Traveler

The results are in and the online readers of Condé Nast Traveler UK Magazine (CN) have voted Greece the best country in the world in their Readers’ Travel Awards, which will be featured in CN’s October issue.

The honor of holding the number one country in the world for tourists is a great one and perhaps bitter-sweet for Greeks as it comes amidst several crises impacting the country.

Want to know how to get to the Greek Island ferries from the (ATH) Eleftherious Venizelous airport? Allow 2-3hr transit time

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What would Henry Miller or John Fowles do before evoking Greece on the printed page? I tell you what I do!

Down a sfee-nakee or two of Greek brandy, ouzo or raki with appetizing mezedes. Grilled Octopus if I can get it!

Because Greece has a long history of distillation, occasionally, counterfeit name-brand, imported liquor, called 'Bomba' maybe be foisted upon you. Drinking the local Greek distillations ensures authenticity.

proximity good to athensImbibers will gain new respect for the kefi inducing power of these ancient Greek cultures refined to time honored levels. Each domesticallity and island, in fact, often has it own local liquor.

Usually focused on indigenous flavours using various herbs such as the palette cleansing mastich of Chios Island. Gum Mastic from Chios is the original Chewing Gum.

Mastich  (a bushy plant) refuses to be transplanted and wont grow anywhere else but on Chios.

Similarly also in ancient and not so ancient time, the wine, 'Malmsey' loaded from Monemvasia Peloponnese was highly prized by those affluent enough to drink it.

Malmsey from D. H's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, type of strong, sweet white wine, from Provençal malmesie or Middle Dutch malemesye, both from Medieval Latin malmasia, from Medieval Greek Monembasia "Monemvasia," a town in the southern Peloponnesus that was an important center of wine production in the Middle Ages, literally "only one entrance," from monos "alone, only" + embasis "entering into," from en- "in" + basis "a going, a stepping, a base" .


ancient grecian mysteriesCorinthian Currants and Grecian grapes as well as wheats and grains have been cultivated here from antiquity and which knowledge was part of the Elysian Mysteries. Lets preserve and honor this unique Hellenic heritage and in more ways than one and build on this tradition of innovative excellence and astuteness. Meanwhile....

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Want to know how to get to the Greek Island ferries from the (ATH) Eleftherious Venizelous airport? Allow 2-3hr transit time.



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O' Amerikanaikias Suggestion


Attica has many seaside flash points where fire from bracken, maquis and underbrush endanger peoples lives. Throw in the high winds and it became the Mati national tragedy.

The seaside of Attica prefecture is where the tragedy at Mati 2018 took place. Attika is home to over 4,000,000 souls.

101 people eventually succumbed to their burn or inhalation injuries, sustained in the space of just an hour or less so strong was the wind.

In Greece there exist, many similarly forested and maquied topographies where, God forbid, conflagrations are purposely set each summer.

These are more bearable when confined to a remote uninhabited mountain top than to a summer community like Mati.

Topographically, such village planning is part of Greece charm and its curse.

In mountainous Greece, you are never more than 60 kilometers from the sea.

Consequently its easy to think up fancy plans that look great on paper but its hard to translate grid lines to reality in Greece. Traffic bottlenecks occur like it or not.

Additionally Its mostly, but not entirely impractical to clean up all this under brush. Who is gonna pay for it? Soros?

However Its not impractical to provide residents with proper breathing apparatus such that they could have a fighting chance to survive a sustained exposure to smoky terrain. Who is gonna pay for it? Rothschild?

How about this? Combine technologies to create a strategically placed monitoring system on tall poles?

Burn proof spy poles like the ones they designed for the Olympics and never use and that exist already.

Unbolt those and re-purpose them! I've got one out my window. OK its only a camera and a megaphone but its three stories tall at least.

We have Wi-Fi speakers, blue-tooth technology, smoke detectors and wind and solar to power it and receive signals from it.

This is something the NTUA could whip together and that could be vertically and horizontally integrated into Greece infrastructure. And made here in Greece!

These strategically placed poles would have a variety of warning devices.

Performing as mini satellites each master work of Greek technology would detect smoke and carbon monoxide & loud explosions from gas cannisters and what have you. And other cool stuff.

If a fire broke out a great big siren could go off warning folks nearby. Night or Day. Each of these poles could have drone perched on top of it that could investigate. Talk about AI? Have a contest.

Meanwhile, where applicable, each house would have an escape route provided by the municipality or common sense or both.

This seems like a good idea to me. Good for business too.

Its techy but not too techy. Its low cost. It'll put idle hands to work and give perennial jobs for a recurring problem of fires natural or other wise.

Its prophylactic measure good for tourism. Imagine the headlines.

Its a civic duty which must be upheld and well worth the cost in good will engendered.

Also isn't it about time we vehemently neutralized the danger from some of the arsonists slapped on the wrist.?

These fire detectors are meant for flammable areas similar to Mati and where fire hazard has strong potential particularly when combined with winds. Not meant to spy on the citizens.