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Train & Rail Travel in Central Greece to Macedonia (see Greece train map)

Athens - Macedonia Train & Rail Travel

The entry, from the south, to the nomos of Macedonia (Makedhonia in Greek) is marked by the 13th century Crusader fort above Platamon; the Platamon station in the midst of inns and pensions above a long sandy beach. Beaches, campsites, and resorts, are found in this area, including the village of Skotina. The railway enters a section of double track with increased speeds on the way to Katerini. Now the rail line follows the Thermaic gulf; the large stone station at Leptokarya has a huge old chesnut tree. Heavily forested mountains to the west (left of the train) constitute the legendary Mt. Olympus range, its highest peak Mt. Mytikas (2917 feet) also the second highest peak in the Balkans between Austria and Turkey at 9568 feet.

The next stops are Litohoro and Dion. Litohoro is the starting point for treks up Mt. Olympus, and certain trains will stop there if requested. It is recommended that one sleep on the overnight train if planning to attempt this hike in the wee hours, as the latter is arduous and one needs to be well fortified for it. Dion, in the foothills of the Olympus range, was the Macedonian's sacred city. It is served by local trains.

After the request stop of Mavronero the line crosses the river of the same name and enters Katerini (population around 45,000). All trains stop here: IC, express, and locals, and the café at the station is lively. The line continues east from here skirting marshes and salt flats, then crosses Greece's longest river, the Aliakmon, very close to its estuary here, over a 450 meter low steel girder bridge.

The Platy junction is next, with connections for trains to the west with destinations including Veria, Edhessa, Amindeo, Florina, and Kozani; the station is small and without extensive services. Since Florina and Kozani trains use the same line, one can take whichever train shows up first and change for the other destination afterward. The rail continues on the flat marshy plain. From here it is 37km /23miles to Thessaloniki.

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