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mizythra greek cheeseGreek Cheese Page Two: Mizythra

Also made from combined goat and sheep milk, this cheese is often available in both sweet and slightly sour varieties, the latter often soft, to be spread on bread.

The sweet fresh mizythra is usually hardened to the point that it can be sliced, but is still relatively soft, and has a lovely, delicate flavor. It is also cheaper than the cheese that need to be aged longer.

Other cheeses

kasseri greek cheeseKaseri. (left), manouri (a soft cheese from northern Greece made with sheep's milk), xinotiro (a sour semi hard or hard cheese made with goat and sheep milk), and anthotiro (which means 'blossom cheese', and is a delicately flavored semi hard cheese made from goat and sheep milk) are a few of the other traditional cheeses found in Greece.

keffalo graviera greek cheeseThere are often shops that sell mainly dairy products (galaktopoleia) , and though the local cheeses will be more expensive than many of the foreign imported cheeses at the supermarkets, the support of the local product is always a very good contribution of the visitor both to the local economy and to the perpetuation of the traditional product.

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