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Ioulis, the island's capital or Hora

greece greek islands kea tziagreece greek islands kea tziaThe trendy Ioulida or Hora  is the hilltop capital of the island. Llike other Cycladic capitals, it's placed as far as possible from pirate attacks.

The bus ride up the hill is filled with stunning views of the terraced hillsides and the sea. Ioulis has more windmills than any other island in the Cyclades: 26 stand on the Mountain of the Mills.

Here a hilltop Acropolis and Temple to Apollo built by the ancients stood for over a millenia until 1210 when they were de-constructed by the Venetian Grandee Dominico Michelli who used the stone and marble to build  a castle. You enter the Kastro quarter through a dazzling white archway. The castle was in its turn demolished by the Greek government in 1860 in order to put choice pieces in the museum mentioned above. On the site a Byzantine Church survives, as do two or three mansions of the Venetian nobility.

Near Ioulis

There are oaks and country houses to the north of Ioulis. Above Perameria Town you will find sandy Spathi Bay. To the east of Ioulis are roads to three good beaches: Sykamia, Psili Ammos and Orkos.

Five km south of Ioulis, the paved main road leads through rolling hills to a three story Hellenistic tower the focal point of the ruined Monastery of Aghia Marina. The ancient work has survived far better than the recent. From the monestary the road cuts over the west coast resort at Pisses. One of the island's finest beaches it at the resort area around Pisses. Like its neighboring harbor beach Koundouros to the south the beach at Pises is surrounded by trees and orchards. There are several smaller coves  and bungalows for rent. Just past these is another winner of a beach at Liparo.

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