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The Basics

Quick Facts: Patmos
Pronunciation Paht-Mohs
Transportation Ferry and Hydrofoil
Main Attractions Religious pilgrimages, Monastery of St. John
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

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Greek island patmos Greek island patmosGreek island patmosGreek island patmos

Dramatically beautiful, Patmos is 163 nautical miles from Piraeus. It's officially the "Holy Island" of the Greek Government. It is sacred to both Orthodox and Western Christians alike. The island is sometimes called the Jerusalem of the Aegean.

With a large population (2,700) for its size of 34 and 63 km of coast, it is a sophisticated island. Somehow the islanders manage to keep the balance between religious austerity and having a good time. It's blessed with constant sunshine.

Island Features

Greek island patmos Greek island patmosGreek island patmosGreek island patmos

The beaches are sandy and there is a lot to see. Many cruise ships stop there and the main town of Skala is consequently thriving from the trade. It is touristy. There are several resort areas, situated on beach fronts in addition to Skala, notably Lefkes and Grigos. If you're looking for a pious, religious, contemplative island...sorry! There is nothing undiscovered about Patmos.

Water may be in short supply in summer, although there is a large reservoir behind Skala.

The harbor is particularly beautiful at night with the lights of Chora twinkling above the lights of Skala.

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