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Surrounding Small Islands: Daipondia Islands or Othoni Group

All accessable from Corfu Harbour by fishing boat, small cruise ships or motor boat. Twice a week to daily. Port Authority: Tel: 34036

Othoni Island

othoni paxoi anti paxoi ionian islands greecePop: 150, quiet, clean, pristine with two small villages. According to Homer, Calypso seduced Ulysses here. The white sand beach, Aspri Ammos, is among the best in Greece. YES!!!

Erikoussa Island

othoni paxoi anti paxoi ionian islands greeceSeven small villages and the most touristic, very green, great beaches but a half hour walk from rooms to let. YES!!

Mathraki Island

othoni paxoi anti paxoi ionian islands greecePerfect, small, clear water, great beaches, rooms for rent in two small villages. There are cafes and tavernas.


Paxoi Island

othoni paxoi anti paxoi ionian islands greecePop: 2,600, unspoilt and quiet. Villages are Gaoi, Lakka, Longos, Magazia & Ozias. There are at least ten fantastic beaches and varied green landscapes and rock formations! Paxoi is five miles long and two miles wide. It's four hours by boat or daily ferry.

Andipaxi Island

Even better: one town, few rooms. two of the best beaches in Greece!!!

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