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 paxi paxoi greek islands Garos (or Gaios) is the main town and harbor. It actually has two ports. It's named for a disciple of St Paul who brought Christianity to Paxi. He's is buried here.

 paxi paxoi greek islandsMost of Paxi's accomodations are in Garos. The town has a small sandy beach. There is a small aquarium with a changing cast of exhibits that are released and replaced each year. The streets are too narrow for cars. The traffic jams here are all human!

If you walk past the Governor's House out to the New Port and the new road you get a fine view of Garos harbor. You can buy olive oil straight from the barrel if you have a container to put it in.

 paxi paxoi greek islandsFacing the harbor, the rocky islet Ag. Nikolaos has a well-kept Kastro. The kastro was built in 1423 by the Venetians. The islet beyond it, Panagia, is crowded with pilgrims on August 15 during the Panagia festival. After the festival, the party continues all night in Garos. Another islet, Mongonissi, is a frequent dinner destination.

 paxi paxoi greek islands  paxi paxoi greek islandsYou can rent a boat to explore the brilliant blue sea grottoes. The caves are on the windy west coast among sheer limestone cliffs, so windy days are not good for sightseeing in the caves.

Lakka is a port in a cicular harbor on the north coast. Here boats from Corfu frequently dock. The Byzantine church in Lakka has very musical bells from Russia. A walk inland takes you to the Church of Ipapanti. The Venetial Grammatikou mansion has a fortified tower. Lakka is lively with day-trippers during summer days, but the nights are quiet.

 paxi paxoi greek islandsLongos is an attractive small port with a rocky beach. The few tavernas have tables right at the water's edge. The boat that brings fresh fruit and vegetables to the island docks here, always a welcome event.

There's an old icon of the Virgin in the small village of Boikatika. Nearby Magazia has two churches with a good view of the Eremitis cliffs from Ag. Apostoli. A 17th Century mansion is at Apergatika.

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