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The west coast of the island

zankynthos greeceThe road continues north to Volimes, the west coast's largest village and a center of handicraft woven goods. Upper Volimes perches above on the cliffs. There's a lookout platform, not for those with vertigo, that looks out over the Shipwreck Beach.

The north coast of Zakynthos

zankynthos greecezankynthos greeceThe coast roads heads north from Zakynthos Town passing the Kryoneri Fountain built by the Venetians to water their currant and wine laden ships.

Shortly it turns west and several nice and less developed beaches are available: Tsilivi, Pianos, Tragaki, Ampoula, Pachiammos, Drossia, Pasarou, Ammoudi, Alikanas and finally breezy Alikies, which is popular with windsurfers.

Further to North is another group of beautiful beaches such as Makri Alou and Makri Gialo.

zankynthos greeceJust past is the Port of Aghio Nokolaos and where you can board ferries to Kefallonia. This is a lovely area with many strange natural rock formations and caves the most notable of which is the Blue Grotto or Kianoun Cave almost at the nothern tip of the island. it is directly under the lighthouse on Cape Skinari. It's known for it stunning clear blue water. You can catch a boat for the Grotto at Agios Nikolaos.

The famous and oft-photographed Shipwreck Beach is at the northwest tip of the island. The area can be very crowded when the cruise ships off load hundreds of visitors at a time. Get a small boat and visit the beach and the Blue Caves on the northeast in the same excursion.

the townDrinking and Dining

Try the local nougat sweet, mandolato. The choices here range from traditional Greek fare to international cuisine of various sorts. Most eateries are in Aakynthos Town, Tsilivi and Ag. Nikolaos.


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"I recognize you by the fierce edge of your sword; I recognize you by the look that measures the earth..." - Ode to Liberty - the opening stanza of the Greek National Anthem - which Dionysios Solomou of Zakynthos composed upon hearing of Lord Byron's death.

Like so many Greek islands, Zakynthos has had a succession of rulers: Athenians, Spartans, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians. Since 1864, Zakynthos has been a part of Greece.

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