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The Light of Ancient Hellas

Greece travel tourismHellas, or Ellas, is the Greeks own term for their country. The word Greece is not a Greek word. Some Greeks think it is of Turkish derivation. No one is sure. Others ascribe it to an affectionate indigenous term for a tribe of Greeks who, in antiquity, colonized the coast of East central Italy, the Graecia.

bronze age mapModern Greeks refer to Greece as the Hellenic Republic (Hellas) and to themselves as Hellenes or in Greek: Ellines, or El-li-ness.
If you like, or be-friend either, you become a Phil-hellene or 'friend of Greece'.
Hellenes is the same exact thing as Ellines but without the "H".

The original Ellas (Hellas) was named after Hellene (Hellene was a guy), whose name basically means "child of the land of light" and the Greeks became "Hellenes".

In classical Greek, EL = Fos (light) and LAS = Ghi, petra (land, rock)
If you put it together it gives you ELLAS, Land of Light. El=fos (light), Lin = pedia (children). Together it gives Children of Light. Its sunny here in summer!

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