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Timeline two of Greek History or Greek Civilization

Athens & Greece So Many Timelines (3) So Little Time

#1. Athens Timeline By John L.Tomkinson

Harry's Note:

I am pleased to announce collaboration with renowned scholar and author John L. Tomkinson.

Mr. Tomkinson is the author of many books about Greece (and other subjects) and he has agreed to provide for us, some of his insights, on this page, as well as others throughout my sites. 

True lovers of Greece will be well rewarded by obtaining some of his very reasonably priced editions which are only available internationally, direct from the publisher.

His series Greece: Beyond the Guidebooks has been a source of inspiration to me personally. Major credit cards accepted.

5000-3000 Stone Age: earliest period of human settlement
3000-1500 Early Bronze Age - Minoan Age:earliest European civilisation centred upon Crete
1500-1200 Mycenaean Age: earliest civilisation based on mainland Greece
1250 Traditional date of the Trojan War
1200-750 Dark Age: civilisation retreated in an age of folk movement
1200-1100 Dorian Invasion
750-478 Archaic Age: Greeks colonise the shores of the Mediterranean
c.630 Athenian black-figure pottery begins
c. 621 Laws of Drakon
c. 594 Reforms of Solon
546 Peisistratos controls Athens
c.530 Athenian red-figure pottery begins
528 Death of Peisistratos
514 Assassination of Hipparchos
510 Overthrow of Hippias
508 Reforms of Kleisthenes
499 Outbreak of Ionian revolt
494 Burning of Miletos
493 Themistokles elected first archon
490 Seaborne invasion of Aegean by the Persians; Battle of Marathon
480 Invasion of Greece by the Persians under Xerxes; evacuation and sack of Athens;
Battle of Salamis
479 Defeat of Persian army at Plataea; defeat of Persian navy at Mykale; Themistokleian Walls begun
478-339 Classical Age: Greek states centre of civilised world
478 Establishment of Delian League
462 Democratic reforms of Ephialtes
461-451 First war with Peloponnesian League
c.450 Perikles’ dominance of Athenian democracy begins
449 Peace with Persian Empire deprives the Delian League of its origial purpose
447 Construction of Parthenon and Hephaisteion begun
445 Long Walls completed
442 Odeion of Perikles opened
438 Pheideias’ Statue of Athena dedicated
437 Construction of Propylaea begins
435 Contruction of Erechtheion begins
431 The Archidamian War, the first part of the Great Peloponnesian War begins
430 Annual invadions of Attica begin; visitation of the plague
429 Death of Pericles
427 Construction of Temple of Athena Nike begins
421 Peace of Nikias; Erekhtheion begun
415 Sicilian expedition launched
412 Mass revolt of Athenian “allies”
411 The “Four Hundred” seize power
404 Surrender of Athens, destruction of the Long Walls, rule of the Thirty Tyrants
403 Restoration of democracy
399 Death of Socrates
395-3 Rebuilding of the Long Walls
394 Battle of Knidos, Konon rebuilds walls of Athens
387 Second Athenian League established
c.386 Plato founds the Academy
351 Demosthenes begins his campaign against Philip II of Macedon
339-168 Hellenistic Age: Greek empires of the Macedonian kings
338 Battle of Chaeronea; Alexander visits Athens; Lykourgos begins major infrastructure
construction programme
335 Aristotle founds the Lyceum
334 Alexander of Macedon sets out to conquer Asia
c.330 Completion of Panathenaic Stadium and new Theatre of Dionysos
323 Death of Alexander the Great; Athens participates in revolt against Macedonian rule
322 Lamian War; Antipater occupies Athens; democracy suppressed
317 Kassander, King of Macedon, installs Demetrios of Phaleron as governor
307 Athens occupied by Dimitrios Poliorketes; Epicurus founds philosophical school
267-262 Ptolemy supports revolt against Macedon; Athens taken by Antigonous Gonatas, King of Macedon
229 Macedonian garrison withdrawn
200-197 Philip V of Macedon invades Greece
197 Construction of Stoa of Eumenes II of Pergamon begins
175 Seleucid king Antiochus IV begins completion of Peisistratos’ Olympeion
159 Construction of Stoa of Attalos II of Pergamon begins
168-330 Roman Age: Greece under Roman rule
146 Romans annex Greece
133 Slave revolt in Laurion
88 The Athenians join revolt against Roman rule led by Mithridates VI, King of Pontos
86 Sulla sacks Athens
47 Julius Caesar begins construction of Roman agora
31-30 Octavian and Agrippa visit Athens
15 Agrippa builds Odeion in agora
c.54 Saint Paul visits Athens
114 Construction of Monument of Philopappos on Mouseion Hill
124 Emperor Hadrian begins building programme
130 Hadrian constructs Library
131 Hadrian complete the Olympeion
135 Hadrian constructs Olympeion and new suburb
140 Antoninus Pius completes the construction of the water supply system; Herod of Athens begins construction of marble panathenaic Stadium
c.160 Herod of Athens begins construction of Odeion
177 Death of Herodes Atticus
253 Vallerian begins reconstruction of defensive walls
267 Herulians plunder Athens
274 Valerian Wall built
330-1204 Byzantine Age: Greek empire of Constantinople
330 Constantine establishes New Rome in Byzantium
355 Future emperor Julian the Apostate studies at Athens
c.400 Gymnasium of the Giants constructed in the agora; Academy rebuilt
421 Athenian girl Athenais becomes empress Eudocia
435 Emperor Theodosius II closes the pagan temples
529 Emperor Justinian orders the closure of the philosophical schools
539 Justinian repairs city walls
c. 580-90 Slavs plunder Athens
c.590 Parthenon converted into Christian cathedral
780 Athenian Irene becomes empress
807 Athenian Theophano marries son of emperor
1019 Emperor Basil the Bulgar-Slayer celebrates his triumph inAthens with doxology in Parthenon
1147 Roger of Sicily attacks Athens
1182 Michael Akominatos last Orthodox archbishop of Byzantine Athens
1204 Leon Sgouros attacks Athens
1204-1453 Frankish Period: Greece under rule of Western Crusaders
1204 Fourth Crusade diverted to sack Constantinople
1205 Burgundian Crusader Otho de la Roche takes control of Athens
1225 Guy I lord of Athens
1260 Guy I becomes Duke of Athens
1263 John becomes duke of Athens
1280 William becomes duke of Athens
1287 Guy II Duke of Athens
1309 Walter of Brienne Duke of Athens
1311 Battle of Kopiac Marshes; the Catalan Company takes control of Athens; Manfred of Sicily becomes Duke of Athens
1388 Florentine adventurer NerioAcciajuoli takes Athens
1392 Turks devastate Attica
1394 Nerio Acciajuoli becomes Duke of Athens
1395 Venetian occupation of Athens
1402 Antonio takes Athens; battle of Ankara temporarily checks Turkish expansion
1405 Antonio I Duke of Athens
1423 Visitation of the plague
1435 Nerio II Duke of Athens
1439 Antonio II Duke of Athens
1441 Return of Nerio II
1456-1821 Turkish Period: Greece under the Ottoman Empire
1453 Turks capture Constantinople
1456 Omar Pasha occupies Athens
1458 Sukltan Mehmet II, the Conqueror, visits Athens
1466 Venetians briefly sieze Athens
1645 Explosion of gunpowder on the Acropolisdestroys the Propylaea
1658 French capuchins arrive
1686 Turks destroy Temple of Nike on Acropolis
1688 Venetians evacuate Athens, population flees
1687 Venetian admiral Morosinidestroys Parthenon and takes Athens
1690 Turks and Greeks return to Athens
1759 Tzisdarakis builds mosqu in Monastiraki
1775 Ali Hadji Haseki becomes X of Athens
1778 Ali Hadji Haseki builds city wall
1795 Ali Hadji Haseki finally deposed
1801 Lord Elgin begins removing Parthenon sculptures
1810-11 Lord Byron in Athens
1821-27 War of Independence
1821 Greeks fail to take Acropolis
1822 Greeks under Androutsos take Acropolis
1826 Turks under Kutahya Pasha beseige and take Acropolis
1832 Convention of London establishes independent Greece with Bavarian Prince Otho as king
1833 Turkish garrison evacuates Acropolis;
1833- Othonian Athens
1833 Athens becomes capital of Greece
1834 Rebuilding of Athens and excavations on the Acropolis begin
1843 King Otho forced to grant a constitution
1863-1913 Georgian Athens1863 William of Denmark becomes KingGeorge I of Greece
1870 The Dilessi Incident
1893 Opening of Corinth Canal stimulates growth of Piraeus
1896 First modern Olympic Games held in Athens
1897 War between Greece and Turkey
1898 Restoration of the Parthenon begins
1902 Electric street lighting introduced
1905 Prime Minister Deligiannis assassinated
1912 First Balkan War
1913 Second Balkan War; King George assassinated, succeded by Constantine
1914-18 First World War
1916 Greek railways linked to European system
1917 Constantine forced from the throne, replaced by Alexander; Greece eneters the war on the side of the Allies
1919-1940 Inter-War Years
1919 Return of King Alexander; Greek army lands in Smyrna, begins occupation of Anatolia
1922-3 Asia Minor Catastrophe; arrival of refugees
1928 Psychiko founded
1929 Nea Kifissia founded
1938 Electrification of Piraeus Kifissia railway
1940-44 The Occupation
1940 Greece invaded by Italy
1941 Metaxas dies; Allied troops land; General Tsolakoglou surrenders; German Occupation
1941-2 Winter famine
1944 Liberation
1944-49 Civil War
1944 Civil strife in Athens
1945 Varkiza Agreement; “White Terror”
1946 Resumption of civil war; referendum on monarchy
1947 British withdrawal; Truman Doctrine propounded
1949 Marshall Papagos given virtually dictatorial powers
1949-67 Illusory Democracy
1950 Greece a member of NATO
1952 Papagos elected prime minister
1967-74 Dictatorship of the Colonels
1973 Massacre at the Polytechnic University
Democracy1974 Return of Karamanlis
1981 Greece becomes a member state of the European Community
1985 New restoration of the Parthenon begins
1999 Harry returns to Athens. Crowds form, People Cheer
2000 Metro and Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport at Spata opened
2004 Second Athens Olympic Game