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The Epta-etea or junta or the Colonels Page One

What follows is the cold war in micro-cosim. The fight between the so called left and so called right.

Knowing that Papandreou and his party would win the elections, King Constantine prepared some of his generals for a coup, to happen ten days before the elections. Instead, some unknown ‘colonels’ beat him to it, staging a coup in early April, a coup was backed by the CIA. Knuckling under, the king swore in the colonels, though he later tried to stage a coup to unseat them, quite unsuccessfully.

The colonels presented their fascist regime as the ‘Revival of Greek Orthodoxy’ in the face of ‘corrupting influences’ from the west. Papadopoulos was known for his illiterate speeches, much in the manner that President Bush is caricaturized today.

He and his colonels banned trade unions, all political activity, censored the press heavily enough so that many stopped publishing of their own accord, and arrested, imprisoned and tortured thousands of alleged ‘Communists’, maiming many either physically or psychologically for life.

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