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Edessa with a population of around 20,000 is a very beautifully situated town, built on a high bluff overlooking the Macedonian plain to the southeast, over which the waters of the Edesseos cascade, after running through the town in several courses, the river coming from Mt. Vermion to the north.

To see the waterfalls created by the uniting of the waters at this point, one finds the cemetery, and a right turn at the chapel and a path from there.

one of the fallsThere is a walkway to a ledge under the falls from which to admire the amazing scenery. From the top of the falls one can glimpse the Thermaic gulf beyond vineyards and orchards.

The ravine through which the river exits the plateau on which the town sits, is lush with vegetation, including vines, pomegranates, figs and nut-trees. Supposedly there are crayfish in the waters. A hydroelectric works near the town reduces the volume of the water that would otherwise fall here, whose drop is 24meters.

There's a cave below the falls with stalactites, which is accessible from paths that lead down along the ravine, and there are some cafes up above. In the town are many pedestrian streets, and streamside parks and many little stone bridges cross the streams . The Slavs called the town Vodena (The Waters).

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