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Macedonia: Lefkadia


where it is mapLefkadia is 30km south of Edessa on the road to Veria. It might have been the city of Mieza, where Aristotle taught. Excavations at this site have uncovered 4th century BC Hellenistic remains with several small tombs containing painted reliefs and mosaics, as well as what is called The Great Tomb, also called The Tomb of Judgment,.built of conchitic limestone, is the largest Macedonian temple tomb yet found.

Tomb Great or Judgement It suffered very badly from water damage, given the high water table in the area, and has undergone extensive restoration. It dates from the 3rd century BC, and the subject matter of one surviving fresco suggests that it was probably built for a general, as one is shown being led by Hermes, who conducted souls to the underworld. The judges of Hades are depicted in other frescoes. The tomb has Doric columns on the ground floor and Ionic above. A frieze from here depicts a battle between Macedonians and Persians, though it is extremely faded. It was excavated in 1954.

The Tomb of Flowers has good floral and figural paintings, the Lyson Kalliklis Tomb is the most unusual, being a burial vault for three families with 22 funerary recesses inscribed with the names of the dead. The Tomb of Palmettes and Finch's Tomb are also interesting, with exotic paintings and designs.