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area mapSterea Ellada West - Ancient Nea Pleuron

Ancient Site with Excellently Preserved Ashlar Masonry

water storage ancient styledefensive wallThe road past Oiniadai passes through rice fields, with salt flats to the right.

The remains of ancient Pleuron are visible from the main road but blocked by water pipelines and culverts.

You can get in by a fairly difficult path, which ascends to the ashlar masonry of its walls, which are quite impressive, with 36 towers and 7 gates.

The circuit is almost complete and stands in places to 15 courses height of Hellenic masonry. There are ruins inside of perhaps the smallest theater in Greece, with a small doorway leading from the orchestra to a square tower. The Agora is full of ruined buildings, among them a portico. A fine gateway with a lintel made of two large horizontal blocks remains and the holes for the gateposts can be seen in the stone of the threshold. An Early Christian basilica is below the acropolis, at Finikia.