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The Citadel of Agamemnon Page 3Lions Gate

The Lions Gate

The Lions Gate is a vaulted corbel which moves weight to the sides so the lintel wont break under it. The relief carved on the slab is the oldest really monumental sculpture of our western world.

The Acropolis, which is where you will go, is on a hill with 2 deep ravines and a long narrow ridge providing it with natural protection.

Evidence shows that this site was occupied before the Acropolis was built from 6000 bc to 2000 bc by Neolithic and early Helladic peoples. Later a smaller section of the Acropolis was fortified.

About 1600 BC commenced the building of the present day ruins and most of the Tholic tombs dug for the Aristocracy.

This citadel-palace was the administrative center of Mycenaean civilization and its situated 15 km from the sea in a mountain glen that's fairly concealed.

linear BIt controls the natural roads to Corinth and the Isthmus leading to Attika and Northern Greece. In its hey-day there were settlements outside the walls where common folk dwelt.

There is only one shaft grave within the critical, eg. grave circle A. There are 9 or so in total but all kinds of other graves and tombs in the surrounding country side for the lesser folk, some of which are impressive but most have been looted in antiquity.

The Mycenaean culture reached its apogee about 1400 bc. And it was here that the first evidence of Greek writing was discovered: Linear B script written on clay tablets and probably accounts. So the worlds second oldest profession is accounting? Nah!

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