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Ferry Routes - Western Cyclades - Island hopping how to

Kea, Kythnos, Serifos, Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros and Sikinos

western cyclades route mapDepicted on this page are the routes ferry companies use to travel between the islands of the Western Cyclades and the mainland.

They do so with much greater frequency in high summer when there will be more boats per day.

In general Piraeus is always the safest port serving Athens as its the biggest and far busiest port in Greece.

Ferry boats of various types, speeds and sizes arrive and depart from Piraeus and Lavrion all year long.

Were you rebelous child? Do you feel wild and adventurous? Admit it you've always been a rebel whether secretly or no, and right now  you are just itching to go out on an island hopping limb. Even a tame one like this one!

How hard can it be anyway to get away from the crowds in high season? And what's the worst that could go wrong on a jaunt like this anyway? More importantly, do you have the time to find out?

If you are thinking 'off the beaten track' and 'out of the box' and have more than 10 - or 12 days at your disposal with no pressing engagements looming then these islands are where you can slow down, lay back and actually commune rather than being just swept along.

All you really need is the time to ensure flexibility, in case of ferry boat delays or cancellations, so as not to miss any flight you may have. Remember, by law, ferry boats argent allowed to venture forth if the wind reaches over 6 on the Beaufort scale. Catamarans and flying dolphins are even more restricted because they are less stable platforms. If you have round trip tickets on one of these types of boat the wind could play a factor.the western cyclades routes and times


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