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Realities to plan for

3rd class high summer high speed or superfast type 

boat. It gets crowdedAvailability

In late July and all of August cabin and car reservations are nearly impossible to get and the costlier, faster boats difficult to book in third class even for passenger tickets. This applies to everything else too, especially accommodations! In winter there are fewer boats scheduled.

Mother Nature

Winds reek havoc with Greek island ferry schedules and may prevent certain types of boats, including but not limited to: older ferries and Flying Dolphins from departing as scheduled.

Sometimes up to 3 or 4 days. Winds are not confined to winter in Greece and Meltemi Winds are notorious for boat delays and cancellations in July and August.


class high summer on high speed or super fast type boatSea Sickness: buy Dramamine

Buy Dramamine, an inexpensive sea sickness remedy available at Greek Pharmacies and even harbor kiosks. It deadens stomach muscles and is highly recommended if you are prone to sea-sickness. Take it before you feel bad... not after! Before boarding even.

Missing Your Flight Home or
Plan to see Athens your return leg from Greek Island's

Many travelers have missed outbound flights home through no fault of their own because their boat was cancelled due to Meltemi winds. This happens without fail every summer. What is your air-carriers policy?
A night or two in central Athens prior to departure is prudent and costs as little as from 50 eu per night per couple.

Athens New Airport 'ATH'  to the Ferry Boats and back

Athens has a new airport (internationally abbreviated ATH when entering your destination info) locally known as (say this 5 times); Eleftherious Venizelous or E.V.

WARNING: The new airport is much further away than the old airport Helinikon. So if you haven't been to Greece for awhile be aware that in traffic, its at least 2 hours away by airport bus from Piraeus or downtown Athens on a normal day.

Click here for some tips on using the Athens airport transport services to your full advantage. The blue line of the new Athens metro connects the Airport with Syntagma and Monastiraki Stations! If you want to go straight from the Airport to Piraeus you have to
change lines from Blue to Green in Monastiraki Station!

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