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Greek Harbor and Port Authorities
Within Athens Dial 1440
What do you mean? Its in only Greek?

Before embarkation Piraeus, find a ticket seller, buy an Athens news newspaper (weekly) or International Herald Tribune (daily Kathimerini edition) and check the ferry departure listings or if you have a Greek speaker among you Dial 1440 in Athens for recorded departure times in Greek only!

After you get to to your island and particularly if its windy, always contact the Harbor Police to see if your scheduled departure boat is on schedule.

In a few larger Greek Limania (ports) The Limanarhio (Lee-Man-Ar-Hee-O) or Harbor Police SHOULD have Telephone Services in English and other languages but they don't! Ticket agents are who to ask.

Tourist Police are required to know some English and other languages. Click below for a list of their branches and more helpful info.

For more info see the port authorities - tourist police - airports in Greece & on Greek islands and air travel restrictions (luggage) pages.

officer of Greek coast guard - there is never one 

around when you need themWise travelers will enquire of, upon island arrival, the responsible Port Authorities and how to reach them by land line/cell-phone.

Look for white uniformed officials summers and black uniforms in winter some carry weapons, a sure giveaway!

Under windy conditions (MELTEMIA) there will be delays and departures will be forbidden (APAGHOREFTIKA).

The Greek Islands are windy as a rule! Greece is the official wind-surfers capital of the world and a yachts persons paradise for this reason, among others.

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