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Types of Greek Ferries

not to scale old style ferry boatnot to scale super fast ferry boat not to scale  flying dolphin hydrofoil ferry boat not to scale flying Catamaran ferry boat



Unfortunately all these boats are big polluters of the environment!

Old Style Ferry Boat

greek island ferry boats schedules free infoFor many years, the mainstay of the system, offering cabins, vehicle transport and three levels of ticketing, deck class or third class being the least expensive and including interior areas.

Slow and faster vessels exist in this category too! The 'Express' is preferred if available and even those have slower and faster vessels for well traveled routes. These Greek ferries schedules' cannot cut your travel time in half!

All ferry boats ETD & ETA 's are erratic to some extent regardless of type. Several Ferry companies may ply the same routes and have various competing boats of differing age and speed in service.

greek island ferry boats schedules free info

Old style ferries are however the freest to move about in and the most fun, allowing you to rub shoulders with your fellow passengers in a more congenial environment as well as sun-bathe and stretch out. By far the least expensive, easiest to get tickets for and most prolific.

Here (left) is the F/B Marina preparing to load. Passengers board aft through huge hydraulic doors and ascend gangways to upper decks. Keep your ticket on your person for Ticket Control Procedures.

After backing in, passenger cars, motor-bikes and consumable laden trucks transit below.

Super fast Ferries vs High Speed Ferries (one is a little faster)

super highSuper fast and High speed Ferries come in several styles and shapes and are suitable for vehicles as well as passengers.

Some have cabins; ideal for longer voyages but pricey.

These boats can cut your travel time in half! But they cost more!

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Ferry Extras

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