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Greater Athens Area Map

Other alternative Itineraries that Flying Dolphins are integral to include: Crete & the Peloponnese and Saronic Gulf Coast Hopping

ferry optionsIn a Rush, want to see a lot in a few days, but move at your own unstructured pace?

in under 4 hours or so.

From Spetses Flying Dolphins enable you to coast hop the eastern most finger of the lower Peloponnese: one of the three tips of the Balkan Peninsula. Sunning on pristine Elafonissos islands' naturalist beaches is a commensurate reward. As is the fabulous local Greek country-side cuisine you'll enjoy away from the large tourist enclaves.

Visit lovely Medieval Byzantine Monemvassia, and then Neapolis. Where you'll have to decide:   Onward to Crete via Ionian Kythira and all the other islands of the Aegean via various connections from Crete's 4 major ports?     

OR remain Peloponessus bound and see even more famous sights?  

Like the brooding austerity of The Mani and its Diros caverns? Finikounda's small intimate beach awaits you on the westernmost appendage of the Peloponnese and in between lays Kalamata and its airport back to Athens or to Sparta and Tripolis.

Coming the other way ie. from Crete and landfall in Gythion will enable you to turn north up the Peloponnese towards Athens by road via Sparta and Tripoli. An 8 to 10 hour dive depending on traffic and tourism levels. Extra patience is required in late July & August. Until Tripoli and the Greek National Highway, roads hug majestic precipices, are narrow, winding, up and downhill and not suitable for drivers in a hurry.

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