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Greek Wine and Liquer Guide

Types of Greek barrel Wine Retsinotato or Lefko

Try Retsina wine, its not the same everywhere with many different micro-producers so if you don't like one type try another in a different taverna or koutoukaki. You can order it by weight and even try a small taste to see before ordering for the whole table. SAY: NA DOHKIMAZO?

Retsina is a rezinated wine that has pine resin flavoring added to it. They import this flavoring from Norway because the Greeks ran out of pine trees. ITS A TRADITION!

I used to think that the pine flavor was from the local pine barrels but have since learned.. it used to be. Now it comes from Norway as an additive, where they had the good sense not to cut down all the trees or set fire to them! Or at least replant them.

Sometimes the pine flavoring is over powering and if its your first taste of retsina you can be deceived into thinking they are all the same. They aren't. There are delicately flavored ones too that you will enjoy much more. Keep testing! Retsina goes well with fried foods as it cuts the taste of the oil, especially fish!

White wines which you and I would call just 'wines' are UN-RESINATED or AH-RETSINA-TOTATO

Other Types of Greek Wine

Red Barrel Wine or Kokinno Varrellisios

Kokinno Varrellisios (red barrel wine/non-rezinated) is rarer, but its out there and tastes pretty good too!

There are lots and lots of other types of decent Greek wine. You may get lucky and find a really exceptional one with legs, a fragrant fruity bouquet and depth.

As previously stated above on certain islands such as Santorini which grows a lot of grapes, they bottle the barrel wine and its pretty good so if you are wine lover be adventurous!

I have been disappointed numerous times by Greek wines purchased at the Liquor Store here in Athens or CAVA (from cave) as they are known here in Greece. I also find that after a couple of glasses it tastes better. I don't want to insult my Greek friends and tell them "this wine sucks and tastes like vinegar " do I? So I say something witty like" I am amused by its presumption".

One can purchase barrel wine in containers and take it home too but usually from restaurants not Cava's.

Daphni Greek Wine Festival

A really good opportunity to sample Greek Wines takes place every September at the Greek Wine Festival in Athens suburb Daphni. Its called the Daphni Greek Wine Festival and is a heck of a lot of fun!!! You can take the new metro even! There is a small admission fee and then you can drink all you want. I recommend it!

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