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Greek Wine and Liquor Guide

What's your wine budget? If its not high and you buy your taverna wine by the kilo or portion there of you can save a lot of money. A lot of the time you will be drinking retsina but not always. Tavernas don't sell bottled wine anyway.


greek wineThe bottled stuff is no better and often worse! Some bottles may be fantastic but let a friend show you those! Greek bottled wine for export is improving year to year or at least that what the hype says and sure, there are always exceptions to rule. Don't believe any hype about any wine or be fooled by the label and price. Retsina Greek wine is an acquired taste but after you taste a good one, and have a glass or two, you will start to appreciate retsina a lot more. Locally made, its more healthy for you than most wine too. If you find yourself in a restaurant that doesn't have barrel wine then you didn't read my section on avoiding tourist traps or you are still at your hotel. You should be in a traditional tavern or koutoukaki. These barrels left are what to look for!

On average Its more fun to drink in a taverna

I like good wine as much as the next guy; a $40 bottle of Merceau for example. Go to France for that or back home. I like Italian wines, some German wines, Algerian wines, Australian wines, Chilean wines, and Napa valley wines too! On average I don't care for paying extra for Greek wines out of a bottle. I have drunk them and I will do so again if some one offers me some. The Greek climate is too hot to allow for really exceptional wines. Weren't we taught that Red bottled wine has to breathe for at least a half an hour too? In Greece they never do that. Do you think most Greeks that only drink barrel wine need to know the difference between a white wine glass and a red wine glass? Most of them don't care and only drink white wine anyway. A red wine glass is wider so more air can get in and the wine can breathe... is that a bunch of hooey or what? How much more air gets in? .00003%? If you let the bottle breathe how much air really gets in? It does help the taste some.

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