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Common Greek Olive Varieties

These are from a vendor at the Athens Central Market. Click the photo for a really large image of these olives.

    Top row L to R

  • Capari
  • Bolvi (Bulbs)
  • Gemistes with red pep
  • Amvrakikos w/out vin
  • Peppers pickeled
  • Baby Cucumbers

    Mid row L to R

  • medium Kalamata
  • Agriniou
  • Amfissis marinated
  • Kalmata vinegar (the classic)
  • Kalamata w/out vinegar
  • Amifissis

    Bot row L to R

  • Halkidiki fat zaromenes (shrunken)
  • Thrumbes Thassou (dessicated)
  • Megaron fresh
  • Green Tsakistes (crushed)
  • Green Haraktes (sliced)

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