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Non traditional coffees

Frappes and 'Nes' (Nescafe)

An immensely popular coffee drink in Greece these days is the 'frappe', made with instant coffee (ubiquitously called 'Nes' (after Nescafe), which has become a generic term since this company predominates in the instant coffee market in Greece). This author has been told that the quality of the instant coffee sold in Greece is better, and stronger, than that sold in the USA, though this has not been substantiated. The frappe is made with ice, 'Nes', usually sugar, and sometimes milk, either by machine or in a simple plastic shaker sold for home use, with a characteristic dense froth on the top, is served in tall glasses and drunk through straws. On any summer day, one can see hordes of people in all the sidewalk cafes in Greece drinking frappes, smoking cigarettes, and socializing loudly.

'Nes' is also drunk hot, and is available in all Greek places frequented by tourists (and in all of the cities), as well as 'filtro', espresso and cappuccino (the latter in various forms in the more touristic places, including the chilled 'cappucino freddo'). Such types of coffee are increasingly popular, with good quality coffee now available, for both commercial and home use, from some of the coffee sellers (though there are some vastly overpriced inferior coffees sold by large chains, to customers who aren't really savvy about something so recently 'arrived' in Greece, so best buy a very small amount at first to check out the quality).


greek,greece,greek food greek,greece,greek foodHere are two representations of the ancients dining.

Generally ladies of the house ate separately so these ladies are Heteras.

Heteras were generally beautiful and accomplished musicians who could serenade diners while they ate and were willing to perform other functions as well.

There are two restaurants in Athens who claim to have all ancient dishes on the menu. They are a chain really with the same owner. I ate there and the food was good but there were no heteras and the waitresses didn't smile much or at all and they wouldn't give you a fork because forks were sacred to Poseidon or someone.

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