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Admission to the Acropolis, Parthenon & Acropolis Museum Entrance: 8 am to Sunset 7 Days Admission Fee: 12 Eu, includes 6 other sites including the Agoras and south slope areas, Keramikos ancient cemetery and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. EU students get 1/2 off and archeology students and teachers get in for free with an I.D.

click to see larger shot from the pnyx from philopapou hill click to see lgr click

There will be loads of people and tour buses no matter how early one arrives. Still, this is the one and only Acropolis of Athens. Officially licensed guides with difficult accents are available for a fee or tag along with an in progress group in your language but tip the guide if you do, as they have to eat too, and go to school for 4 years to get licensed by the Greek Government. Hold on to your ticket after leaving Acropolis precinct for Agora/other entrances. Photos 1 & 2 above were taken May 6th, 2007 from the Pnyx and 3 from Philopapos Hill. Click to see larger.

Approach the Acropolis on Foot

  • From the south where you will see The Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Theater of Dionysseus, Asklipion, Odeon of Herod Atticus first and then ascend to the Acropolis. After you can go down to Monastiraki through the Agora area if you keep your ticket.
  • From the Plaka via Anafiotika where you pass Mars Hill and then ascend to the Acropolis.
  • From Monastiraki through the Agora and up to the Acropolis.
  • From the west or Thission quarter where you have a long walk in the heat.

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Pressed for time in Athens?

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