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Athenian Agora - The Mint

templeA large rectangular building, situated next to the Southeast Fountainhouse and behind the Church of the Ayioi Apostoloi (Holy Apostles), has been identified as the ancient Mint. Its function is related to that of South Stoa and it was probably built in the same period as the latter, ca. 430-420 BC.

Only the foundations of the Mint have been preserved, but these show a large building, measuring 27 x 29 m, with its northern half open to the sky. The southwest room o the Mint contained furnaces and water basins. Clear signs of metalworking activities were also found in the form of metal slag and several tens of unfinished coins (so-called flans or coin-blanks). The latter were used for the production of small bronze coins from at least the 3rd century BC. Before that time, the Mint probably served as the place of manufacture of the official lead and bronze weights that were used to check the weight of goods sold by merchants in the Agora.

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