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Athens Center near Omonia: Handy Kaningos Square at Termination of Academias Street
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A hop, skip and a jump from frenetic Omonia Square lies Kaningos Square which is a large triangular downtown open space cleaved by a major city street known as Acadenmy Street or in venacular: Aca-dee-mee-as.

Platea Kaningos lies at the end of Academias Street.

accepted bank network

BTW In Greek squares are called Plateas or Pla-tee-aas (pl) or Platea (sing).

bank tellerHaving a busy street run down its middle would engender in any space a vague feeling or lack of specific purpose found in so many multi-function open urban spaces.

However Platea Kaningos has a little bit of everything to recommend it inclucing this 24 hr cash machine and because it also pulls extra duty as a large bus nexus, has many shops, cafes and stores selling a variety of products; from de classe clothing, footwear, electronic parts, and tried and true Greek items such as locally grown and packaged pistachio nuts, dried fruits, exotic sweets and European and Greek style pastries.

Fast food is also easy to find and there is even a 'traditional Greek restaurant' whose menu you may peruse below in Greek and English. Still its not a place to hang around in longer than you have to and at night empties out considerably.

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