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map plaka athens greecePlaka's Filomousou Etaireas Square

Plaka's Main Square: Filomousou Etaireas

Plaka's car free Filomousou Etaireas Square is rather a tongue twister and for that reason, no one, even Greeks, calls the square by this name.

They simply call it Plaka Square if they call it anything. I had to hunt around for the sign too. Its in the back section of the square serving little or no purpose. Living down the street for nine years you'd think I'd know the name of the square but its that obscure that I didn't.

Filomousou Etaireas Square translates to "Friends of Music Square".

I used to call it, Cine Paris Square because in summer, there is an open air cinema by that name on the roof of the squares only theater. The square's center has a small park with a statue of Niko Hatziapostolou surrounded by benches and shrubs. Surrounding those are chairs where one may sit and have a meal or cup of coffee or an ouzo.

It is the heart of the Plaka and quite a pleasant place and extremely touristic. Running through the square is car free Kydathineon Street which is the street upon which to embark upon your walk into the Plaka. To find it from Syntagma, find Nikis St., which is just behind the Post Office and walk up the hill to the top. Turn right at Kydathineon St., follow it through Friends of Music Square un tillAdrianou Street which will take you to very near Monastiraki Square. See the Athens Restaurant Guide and avoid the touts and tourist traps. For a cup of joe or a cold beer any of these places are ok however. Expect to pay 7Eu for two cups of cappuccino.
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