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Athens Greece Culture: Fine Art Galleries

Athens Art Galleries

A walk around the Plaka might leave you thinking that Greece was one giant museum reproduction store unless you chance upon the galleries hidden away in near by Psyrri, Thission, Gazi, Keramicos and surrounding side streets.

Kolonaki Square used to be the established area of town for art galleries but all that has changed in recent years with the gentrification of Psyrri and the new generation of talented Greek artists.

Psyrri's warehouse style buildings make them ideal for displaying art and even the Benaki Museum will soon display its large collection of Art in near by Keramicos (corner of Aghion Assomaton and Diplou Streets).

Trend setting gallery owner Rebecca Camhi, first started the exodus to Psyrri in 1995 opening her gallery at 23 Sophokleous St. Rebecca lives in my building and is a friend of mine. Visit her site:

The Athens School of Fine Arts (100 Pireos St.) made the move to near by Gazi and gave the art community a shot in the arm.

Art Walks and similar events occur quite often including the annual Athens Festival of Art: Art Athina.

If you are intersted in Greek art visit

Athens Gallery List Psyrri Area

  • A-D Gallery 3 Pallados St., Psirri (210-322-8207)
  • A. Antonopoulos Gallery 20 Aristophanous St., Psyrri Sq., (210-321-4994)
  • Artio 3 Pallados St., Psirri (210-321-1602)
  • Athinas 34-36 Kastorias, Votanikos
  • Bernier/Eliades 11 Eptahalkou, Thission (210-341-3935)
  • Dianna Gallery 10 Armodiou off Athinas St. (210-324-9626)
  • DownTown Gallery 20-22 Aghion Anargirion, Psyrri
  • Els Hanappe Underground 2 Melanthiou St., Psyrri (210-325-0364)
  • Epistrofi 6-8 Taki St., Psyrri
  • Ergostasio Athens School of Fine Arts 100 Pireos St., Gazi
  • Kappatos 6 Aghia Irrini, Psyrri (210-321-7931)
  • Ourania Gallery 10 Armodiou off Athinas St.
  • Rebecca M. Camhi Gallery 23 Sophokleous St, Psyrri
  • Stigma 20-22 Aghion Anargyrion, Psyrri
  • Technopolis 100 Pireos, Gazi
  • Unlimited 1 Kriezi, Psyrri (210-331-4375)
  • Zoumboulaki Art Space 37 Agathodemonos Off Pireos St, Gazi 
  • Athens Gallery List Kolonaki Area

  • Athens Art Gallery 4 Glykonos St., Kolonaki. (210-721-3938)
  • Astrolavos 11 Herodotou St. , Kolonaki (210-722-1200)
  • Zoumboulaki Gallery 20 Kolonaki Sq. (210-360-8278)