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Attorneys Athens & Piraeus

The Athens Greece Omnibudsman's
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to help you deal with Greek Government

Harry's note: Like elsewhere there are different kinds of attorneys in Greece.
So be sure and inquire exactly what it is they will do for you and for how much. Beware high retainer requests.

Greece is divided into two Consular Districts: Americans seeking Consular advice and assistance in northern Greece (Macedonia and Western Thrace) should contact the U.S. Consulate in Thessaloniki, while Americans in the rest of Greece may turn to the U.S. Embassy in Athens. For names of lawyers in the Thessaloniki area, please contact the U.S. Consulate at 43 Tsimiski Street, Shopping Center “Platia”, 7th floor, GR- 546 43, Thessaloniki.

The Athens Consular District comprises the following regions: Aitoloakarnania, Arcadia, Argolis, Arta, Attica, Cyclades Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Evia, Evritania, Fokis, Fthiotis, Hios, Ilia, Ioannina, the island of Crete, Kefalonia, Kerkyra, Korinthia, Laconia, Lefkas, Lesvos including the island of Limnos, Magnisia, Messinia, Preveza, Samos, Thesprotia, Trikala and Zakinthos.
The following attorneys enjoy a good reputation and speak English. The Embassy cannot assume responsibility for their professional ability or integrity. If you have any complaints or concerns regarding any of the attorneys on this list, please contact us immediately. The attorneys are listed alphabetically, by town, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. All are Greek citizens, since under Greek law no alien may practice law in Greece. Please see the next page for additional advice on hiring a lawyer in Greece.

This list includes lawyers who handle criminal and civil (inheritance, divorce, etc.) cases; a separate list of lawyers specializing in business law is available from the Embassy's Commercial Section.

Provided by US Embassy Athens Consular Service

May 2003

Dear Sir/Madam:

We are providing this list of reputable attorneys licensed to practice in Greece with the understanding that you will select a legal representative with the same care that you would choose one in the United States. We advise the following:
When making your choice, please take into consideration whether you can easily communicate with the attorney and whether he/she appears responsive. the Embassy does not have the staff to handle or facilitate communications between you and your attorney. If your attorney does not speak English and you don't speak Greek, please arrange for a translator; you may be able to find one through a Greek Orthodox church or the Greek Department of a local college or university.
Please make sure you and your attorney are in clear agreement on the services that will be provided for the fee you pay. The best way to ensure this is to have a written fee agreement. It is wise to keep records and receipts of all payments.
Please understand that the Greek legal system is substantially different in its procedures from the American. Although many aspects may seem strange to Americans, the basic principles are the same, and the Embassy is aware of no case in recent years in which Americans were discriminated against because of the nationality. Your problem will be handled more effectively if you work with your attorney in the framework of the Greek system, rather than if you expect that things will be settled "our way."
Be prepared for a lenghty process: Greek courts are very backlogged, and postponements and delays are very common. Especially in estate and property cases, a hearing may wait months (if not a year or longer); even criminal cases may take up to 18 months to come to trial. If there are special circumstances, your attorney can petition the court for an early trial or hearing date, but such requests are not always granted. The decision of the initial court is often appealed in Greece; in a civil case, however, an appeal cannot be filed until the initial decision is formally recorded by the court, a process that may take additional months. The Embassy has no standing to intervene these processes.

Regarding telephone numbers:

To dial from the US to Athens: 011-30-210 and the phone number

To dial from the US to an area outside of Athens: 011-30-plus the area code which appears in parentheses and the phone number

Thank you.


Law firm headed by Ilias Anagnostopoulos.
Born in 1956. Athens University Law Degree 1978. Practicing attorney since 1985.
Specializes in: criminal, civil and real estate
Office address: 6 Patriarhou Ioakim Street, GR-106 74 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-729-2015/12
Mobile Phone: 6944-765338
Fax: 210-729-2013

Born 1931. Athens University Law Degree, 1954. Practicing attorney since 1957.
Specializes in: criminal and civil law
Office address: 67 Panepistimiou Street, GR-105 64 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-321-4583, 210-324-6391, Home: 210-813-2679, Mobile Phone: 6932-349224
Fax: 210-321-3948

Born 1931. Athens University Law Degree, 1954. Practicing attorney since 1963.
Specializes in: criminal, civil
Office address: 5 Stournara Street, GR-106 83 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-382-7779, 210-3843-977, Home: 210-243-2024
Mobile Phone: 6977-774151

DESSYLAS, Anastasios C.
Born 1957. Athens University Law Degree, 1980
Practicing attorney since 1982. Seventeen associate attorneys.
Specializes in: civil, commercial, banking inheritance
Office address: 43 Akadimias Street, Gr-106 72 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-360-1673, 210-362-7376 & 210-698-5019
Mobile Phone: 6977-774151
Fax: 210-691-2695

Born 1940. Athens University Law Degree, 1964.
Practicing attorney since 1969.
Specializes in: civil, adoption, divorce & property law
Office address: 14 Massalias Street, GR-106 80 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-362-2720, Home: 210-2918-332
Fax: 210-3624-352

Born 1931. Athens University Law Degre, 1958.
Practicing attorney since 1960.
Specializes in: criminal law
Office address: 4 Herodotou Street, GR-106 75 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-724-5295/7
Fax: 210-723-8326

Born 1928. Athens University Law Degree, 1953.
Practicing attorney since 1957.
Specializes in: criminal law
Office address: 59 Akademias, GR-106 79
Phone nos: Office: 210-361-2309 & 210-3611-457, Home: 210-6831-478 & 210-6823-055
Fax: 210-3637-144

GREGORIOU, Stylianos H.
Born 1961. Athens University Law
Degree 1984, University of London. Practicing attorney since 1986.
Specializes in: family law, custody cases, inheritance, litigation
Office address: Alexandras 6, GR-106 82 Athens, Greece
& phone nos.: Office: 2108221-411 & 2108238-051
Fax: 2108820-691

KARAGEORGIOU, Stavros J. & Associates
Born in 1961. Athens University LL.B, 1985.
New York University, LL.M, 1986, University of London Phd, 1990.
Specializes in: civil law, constructions and real estate, litigation
Office address: Vas. Sofias 35, GR-106 75 Athens, Greece
& phone nos: Office: 210-7221-021
Fax: 210-7213-981

KARELAS Law Office Law firm headed by Eleni Karelas. Born 1966. New York University BA Degree, 1988, Georgetown University Law Center Juris Doctor, 1991.
Practicing attorney since 1991.
Specializes in: trusts & estates, maritime, property, family law
Office address: Akti Miaouli 31, GR-185 35 Piraeus, Greece
& phone nos: Office: 2104534-851
Fax: 2104510-200

Born 1961, Australia, Catholic University of America, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA,
Columbus School of Law, Washington DC, 1991.
Practicing attorney since 1993.
Specializes in: criminal, civil, commercial law
Office address: 5 Voulis, GR-105 61 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-321-8900
Mobile Phone: 6932-193374

LYKOUREZOS, Alexandros
Born 1934. Athens University Law Degree, 1957
Practicing attorney since 1961.
Specializes in: criminal law, copyright & international arbitration
Office address: Dimokritou 19, GR-10673 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-360-7913/4, 210-363-8031, Home: 210-722-9553
Mobile Phone: 6945-333323
Fax: 210-360-7983

Born 1956. Athens University Law Degree, 1979
Practicing attorney since 1966. Three associate attorneys.
Specializes in: civil, corporate, real estate law, criminal
Office address: Fidiou 14-16, GR-106 78 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-384-3494
Fax: 210-383-9819

Born in 1939. Athens. University Law Degree, 1964
Practicing attorney since 1966. Three Greek licensed attorney in Athens.
Specializes in: civil, corporate, real estate law, criminal
Office address: Akadimias 57, GR-106 69 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-934-8890, 210-935-3922
Mobile Phone: 6932-374506
Fax: 210-937-3738

Born 1935. Athens University Law Degree, 1960.
Practicing attorney since 1964.
Specializes in: criminal and civil law
Office address: 43-45 Themistokleous, GR-106 83, Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-382-1667
Mobile Phone: 6944-610635
Fax: 210-381-5532

Born 1935. Thessaloniki University Law Degree.
Practicing attorney since 1965
Specializes in: civil, criminal, commercial
Office address: 5 Xanthou Street, GR-106 73 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-3640-143, 210-364-3482
Fax: 210-364-6590

Born 1969. Athens University Law Degree, 1995.
Practicing attorney since 1997.
Specializes in: civil, criminal, commercial law and Contracts
Office address: Amerikis 15, GR-106 72 Athens, Greece
& phone nos: Office: 2103637-478, 2103637-746
Fax: 2103637-746
Mobile: 6945541825

ROUHOTAS, Demosthenes G.
Born 1932. Athens University Law Degree, 1957.
Practicing attorney since 1957.
Specializes in: civil, commercial & administrative law
Office address: 5 Akademias Street, 5th Floor, Rooms 507 & 508, GR-106 79
Phone nos: Office: 210-361-3624, 210-362-4721, Home: 210-382-3663
Mobile Phone: 6977-691520
Fax: 210-363-9776

Born 1937. Athens University Law Degree, 1962.
Practicing attorney since 1964.
Specializes in: General practice includes civil and criminal law
Office address: Stadiou 61, GR-105 51 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office: 210-324-9184, Home: 210-813-3066
Mobile Phone: 6944-383649
Fax: 210-324-7773

TRIPIDAKIS, John M Born 1958. Athens University Law Degree, 1981.
University of London LL.M. Practicing attorney since 1983
Specializes in: civil, criminal, family law, taxation, inheritance, real estate, military service
Office address: Voukourestiou 29, GR-106 73 Athens, Greece
& phone nos: 2103605-033, 2103605-756
Fax: 2103644-424

Born 1963. Athens University Law Degree 1988.
Practicing attorney since 1988.
Specializes in: family law, real estate, inheritance and corporate law
Office address: 35 Megalou Alexandrou Street, GR-171 21 Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office 931-9411
Mobile Phone: 6944-544297
Fax: 210-932-8468

Law offices Tsourides & Associates.
Born in USA. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Juris Doctor from the Boston University School
of Law in 1993. In 1994 admitted to practice before the New York State Bar. In 1998 admitted to the Athens Bar Association.
Licensed to practice in New York and Athens.
Specializes in: civil law(including family matters, real estate,
inheritances, nationality acquisition, and corporate law.
Office address: Thalou 9 & 42 Amalias Streets, GR-105 58 Athens, Greece
Phone nos: Office 210-321-6513
Fax: 210-321-6613

Born 1955. Thessaloniki University Law Degree, 1978.
Practicing law since April 1978. Two associate attorneys.
Specializes in: civil, custody cases, international private law, taxation, real estate
Office address (Athens): 92 Nik. Plastira & Tatoiou Streets, GR-146 71 Nea Erythrea
Phone nos: 210-800-0230
Mobile: 6944-340970
Fax: 210-800-0528

USA OFFICES: 3908 Eagle Lake Court, Arlington, Texas 76016
Phone: (817) 572-6667
Fax: (817) 478-6667
7822 Ridgecrest Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308
Phone: (703) 768-6666
Fax: (703) 768-5657



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  • Special Supreme Tribunal