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Athens Culture: Cinema & Film

Athens' summer open air cinemas are a treat.

The best one of all is in Exarhia on Valtitsiou St. called the Riviera. Its like going to the movies in a garden. The Aigli is nice too in Zappeion Park. The Cine Paris in Plaka is an old favorite of mine too!

Outdoor theaters are all nice, Its just that some are nicer than others. Now finding a good movie to go see is another story.

The Greeks as rule do not dub foreign films into their language with the exception of childrens films, even Disney. Especially Disney! They prefer sub-titles. Disney films those are invariably in Greek now -  and pretty darn good too. I would have prefered seeing Peter Pan in English bit still enjoyed it Greek!
it still holds, that they do not dub, however for most other films.

I have an open air cinema that I can see from my balcony. The Vox. I hardly ever watch a flim from there and this summer all they are playing is 2nd string old films from Italy.

Pausolini is ok but after a few times you want to shoot heroin or sell your sister into prostitution. 100 days of...

Of course all the movie theaters have become globalized with international distribution, so for better or for worse, and its usually for worse, you get American releases just about immediately.

Anyway buy an Athens News if you want to catch a movie winter or summer. They have all the listings and phone numbers for you!

You can smoke, drink and eat in the summer open air theaters. They start at dusk and have an 11:15 pm showing too. You will enjoy outdoor cinema Greek style.