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Leisure in Athens Greece:

Hair salons, Gyms, Pilates, Beauty, Spas, Gyms, Go karting, water sports, tai-chi, yoga, thallasso therapy, dance, holisitc, scuba, bungee jumping, soccer, diving, natural cosmetics"

Leisure and Life Style in Athens Greece

Hair Stylists in Athens

Angelos 17 Omirou St. Tel: 210-362-6011. The father of haute coiffure in Greece.

Athina-Janet Korosi 2 Tsakalof St., Kolonaki. Tel: 210-362-4730 Stylist, colorist, extensions.

Central Hair 3 Riga Palamidou St., Psyrri. Tel: 210-321-4319. Open Sundays and trendy.

Daniel 20 Mavromichali St., Neapolis/Kolonkai Tel: 210-361-0278. Modern styles to rasta and extensions.

Giorgos Doudesis 39 Voukourestiou St. Tel: 210-362-9387. Models and celebs go here.

Jaques Dessanges 13 Spefsipou, Kolonaki. Tel: 210-721-4395. Parisian chain seems to do it right.

Ilias Zampalis 4 Spefsipou St. Kolonaki. Tel: 210-723-2939 Expensive but loyal clientelle.

Gyms in Athens

Hercules Fitness Club 35 Ethnikis Antistassios St., Nea Erythrea. Tel: 210-807-3834, 3 seperate large gyms with pool, massage, hydromassage, solarium,sauna and hamam. Baby park. Free weights and machines. Parking.

Holmes Place 40 Aghiou Konstantinou St., Aithro Shopping Center, Marousi. Tel: 210-617-9316. Huge space with squash courts, aqua aerobics, Olympic size pool, studio aerobics, Pilates, cycles, sauna, hamam, spa, weights, machines.

Palestra Gym 2-4 Mesogeion Ave, Athens Tower. Tel: 210-777-0606 Luxury Gym sauna, steam, trainers. Members only, guest allowed.

Universal Gym 1 Ypsilantou, Piraeus Tel: 210-422-0895. Large chain gym, pool, machines, free weights and more.

Holistic Gyms

Anima Soma 7 Aiolou St, Aghia Pareskevi. Tel: 210-601-5688. Alternative type gym with yoga, shiatsu, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Callanetics, lymphatic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, rejuvenance, Bowen Technique and more.

Dance Study

Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Study Center 34 Chrysafis St. & Dikaiarchou, Vyronas. Tel: 210-692-0317. Isadora designed, built and lived here. Classes for all dance, tai-chi-chain, dance therapy, body-mind centering seminars.

Seresta Dance Studios 7A Ierotheou St., Omonia Sq area. Tel: 210- 522-6359. Classical ballet, Callanetics, African dance, Tango, flamenco and more.

Sinequanon 10 Plataion St., Keramikos. Tel: 210-345-7393. ( Classes in floor bar, partnering, axis and technique.

Pilates in Athens

Bodycentric 23 Ilidos St., Ambelokipi. Tel: 210-747-3754 Team of experts teach and use special modern equipment.

Corpus Ray 100 Kifisias Ave & Panormou, Ambelokipi. Tel: 210-698-6209. New, large, studio whose owner trained with Romana Kryzanowska.

Athens Health Clubs & Beauty Spas

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Anne Semonin Ateliers de Beaute 36 Anagnostopoulou St., Kokonaki. Tel: 210-363-4014. massage, nail treatment and more including house beauty products: masks, eye serum. Anne's Paris and Geneva spas were just the beginning, now she is in every major Europoean capitol.

La Prarie Daily Spa 24 Kanari St., Kolonaki, Tel: 210-360-1350 also 238-240 Kifissais Ave., Mela Shopping Center Tel: 210-623-0101 Swiss founded spa in Athens offers any kind of massage you can imagine: Shiatsu. aromatherapy, lymphatic therapy, muscle relaxation. La Prarie products are used.

Caroli Health Club 65 Kyprou St., Glyfada. Tel: 210-898-0746. Built on the site of the Empire spa this is a later day Roman bath house with  a succession of different temperatures is calculated to be beneficial and relaxing.

Clarins 80 Gargittou St., Aghia Pareskevi. Tel: 210-608-1945 Original French beauty products go spa! Massage and Physiotherapy center. House products too!

Cocoon Urban Spa 9 Souliou St & Erifylis, Halandri. Tel: 210-656-1975. Three floors in Polynesian style have pool, Pilates, tai chi, hamam, sauna, jacuzzi, yoga, body control.

Day Treatment 8 Kolkotroni St., Kifisia. Tel: 210-808-9070. Exotic atmosphere and fresh natural beauty products while massaged.

Elisabeth Spa 96 Mavilli Sq., near US Embassy. Tel: 210-777-2082. Therapeutic massage with 144 jets, Bouvier Hydro machines for thallasso (sea water) therapy.

DNA 3 centers in Athens: Syntagama, Mavili Sq., Piraeus. Tel: 800-11-11900. Individualized local fat and cellulite loss, anti-ageing and photo depilation. Complete staff of doctors,psychologists, dieticians and physitherapists. specially designed diet nutrition programs for men too!

Envie 5 Tsakalof St., Kolonaki Sq. Tel: 210-339-0888. Micro crystal elimination: wrinkle, freckles, scars, stretch marks. Also uses MT Peel method.

Athens Scuba Diving

Vythos 56 Eleftheriou Venizelou, Nea Smyrni. Tel: 210- 933-3260. Classes, beginner to advanced, day trip dives around coast. 25 to 45 Eu for short dives. 2 to 3 week course starts at 240 Eu.

Dive Adventure 43 Damareos, Pangrati. Tel: 210-756-0552 Diving excursions in Attica and beyond and islands. Certificate required. Equipment supplied.

Bungee Jumping Near Athens

Liquid Bungee, Tel: 210-970-4435. Jump of the Halkida bridge and other high spots 45 to 75 Eu depending on jump.

Tennis in Athens

Ilioupolis Municipal Court Angelou Evert 1 & keffalonias Sts., Iloupolis, Tel: 210-993-0452. 8 free courts. Take bus 237 from Academias and Sina corner to last stop. Hours 9am-4pm daily.

Athens Tennis Club 2 Vassilais Olgas Ave. Tel: 210-921-5630, 8am-2pm, Mon-Fri for non members. Syntagma area.

Halandri Tennis Club 13 Garritou St, Halandri. Tel: 210-600-7830. 8am-11pm, Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm Sunday. 10 courts.

Horse Back Riding Athens & Northern Suburbs

Hellenic or Greek Riding Club 18 Paradisou St., Marousi. Tel: 210-933-3260

Tatoi Riding Club 185 Tatoi, Varibopi. Tel: 210-861-9449

Varibopi Riding Club 107 Tatoi, Varibopi. Tel: 210-861-9383

Athens Riding Club 3 Kazantzaki, Gerakas. Tel: 210-661-1088

Attikos Riding Club Tochi area Koropi. Tel: 210-681-2506

Marathon Riding Club 3 Makedonias St., Marathon Tel: 22940-67002

Panellinios Riding Club km 26, Paoanai-Markopoulo Ave. Tel: 210-662-5690

Athens Bowling Alleys

Super Bowl 10 Kanapikeri, Rendi. Tel: 561-3447. Modern and well set up, 36 lanes, 4.50 Eu per game. Hours: 10am-2am daily.

Athens Bowling Center 177 Patission, Patissia. Tel: 210-865-6930. 8 lanes, older but central. 4.50 Eu per game.

Athens Swimming Pools

Athens Municipal Swimming Pool Leandrou & Iphigenias St, Kolokynthous. Tel: 210-515-3726. 9am-5:30pm. Need health certificates from pathologist or cardiologist plus dermatologist and 2 passport photos. Miniumu 1 month sign up  24 Eu for 13 swims.

Ilissia Swimming Pool 42 taxilou, Ilissia. Tel: 210-778-0252

Also Hotel pools like Hilton are nice and convienient! Admission charge.

Athens Water Sports

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Astir Beach (8km): Admission 8 to 12 Eu, waterskiing (30Eu/15min), parachute pull (60Eu/15 min), jet skis (55Eu 15/min), bannanas (20Eu/ride), ride rings 20Eu/ride)Tel: 210-890-2000.

Lagonissi Grand Resort (45km): Admission: 8 to 12 Eu., waterskiing (25 Eu/15 min), wakeboarding (25Eu/15min), parachute pull (45Eu), rings (15Eu/ride), bannana (15Eu/ride), sailboat (150Eu/hr), canoeing (8 Eu/hr), volleybal, minigolf, soccer free.

Karavi Schinias (near Olympic event rowing site) 40km on Athens-Marathon highway. Volleyball, water skiing, windsurfing, catamaran, mini soccer. Tel: 22940-55950

Athens Mini Soccer

Panhellenic Sports Club Mavromataion & Evelpidon St. Kypseli. Tel: 210-825-9550 30EU/hr. 1am-3pm., 60Eu/hr 8pm to midnight daily

Paradise 100 Metamorphosis St., Agh. sotirias, Acharnes. Tel: 210-246-6466. 60Eu/1.25hrs Daily.

Protasof Club 2 Kapodistrou St., Marathonomachon, Chroma, Vari. Tel: 210-965-3400. 60Eu/hr. Daily.

Cosmos Club 93 anemos & kalikleous Sts., Kolonos. tel: 210-514-4141 60 EU/hr

Beauty Consultants

Ekfrasis 22 Papadiamantopoulou St.. Tel: 210-724-9961 Exclusive distributors of the German Kryolan line of cosmetics that specialize in special nights out, photo shoots, TV appearances.

House of Color 63 Agh. Ioannou St., Agh. Pareskevi. Tel: 210-601-6116 (also Glyfada) Determine your body type etc.

Kaiti Tomazinou Tel: 210-571-0682. Kaiti is a professional maquilleuse who specializes in theater make up and photo shoots. She does house calls.