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Print News Media in Athens

Athens is a cosmopolitan city and makes availible, to those of us, more at home with our mother tongue, several means of staying in touch with the world around us.

However I can not and don't even want to bother to keep up with all the trendy Pablum. The clubbing for example or the latest over priced watering hole or non Greek restaurant and especially the phoniness so prevalent in the press! Yawn! Other people do that, people who get paid for it, many of whom should know better too! However, I do pretty much recommend the sources that follow below.

Print News Periodicals

The in English, Athens News which comes out on Fridays is a treat as is the, in English, International  Herald Tribune Greek Edition which comes out with Kathymerini everyday.

Other private publications or Greek owned media concerning Athens and or Greece comes out in English occasionally too! Some worth buying, some not!

Shopping Guides are mostly crap and ad motivated, same with most magazines. CD rom guides and similar should not be tossed aside lightly but thrown with great force.

There are a few good picture books, the really good ones cost 100 Eu and more.

Ask for English language periodicals or other foreign papers at the many kiosks around central Athens. The ones in Syntagma and Omonia Squares, Athens 2 biggest squares, are open 24hrs!

Also available, are more, locally printed foreign language guidebooks and maps of Greece than you can shake a Priapic statue reproduction at!

Free Stuff: The bureaucracy of the GNTO or Greek National Tourist Organization at 22 Amerikis St. in Syntagma Sq., Tel: 210-322-3111/2545 may have something for you too like a free map! If they are really open! Hours 9am-9pm. Tel: 210-331-0562. If you have trouble sleeping check out their site. Street level Travel Agencies are a good place to get maps sometimes for free too!

Essential Athens and National Book Stores

'Xena Bibli-o-pou-lia'
(The 'B' is pronounced 'Vee' in Greek, so a bookstore is Viv-lee-o-pou-lee-O)
its how to ask for a foreign bookstore

  • Eleftheroudakis Books
    The flag ship, seven story store, is at 17 Panepistimiou (Eleftherios Venizelou St) in Athens near Constitution Square. This is the store most aiming to be like a large American or English book store. There is another branch at 20 Nikis St (just behind and over one block left) from the Syntagma Sq. Post office but was mostly in Greek last time I went in but at least sell maps and guide books. Other locations include: Mitropoleos 29 in the Starbucks cafe, at the airport and within the Intercontinental Hotel. The link above points to the English version of their site.
  • If you buy books often enroll in their friend of books program and you'll get a discount down at some point in future as long as you tell them at the register every time.
  • Papasotiriou Books
    (several locations including Stournari St in Exarhia, and Hipocratous St in the historic triangle between Omonia and Syntagma Squares) The site is in Greek so far, but these guys specialize in technical books (for computers mostly) but have since branched out to include many other subjects. When I want a book about Dreamweaver I come here. When I want a novel or science fiction book I go to Eleftheroudakis which also has technical books as well as travel and many other kinds of books.
  • If you are a frequent buyer of books enroll in their friend of books program and you'll get a discount at some point in future as long as you remind them at the register every time.
  • Other Papasotirou central locations
  • Hippocratous 15 & Academias (Historic Triangle)
  • Panepistimiou 37 (Historic Triangle)
  • Ermou 39 (Historic Triangle)
  • Storunari 35, 49, 23 (Exarhia 5 minutes to Museum) Also best selection for electronics, telephony and IT.
  • Leader books
    (English version of site) Various books
  • Agia Paraskevi: Agiou Ioannou 58, Agia Paraskevi, Athens 153 42
  • Aigaleo: Panormou 19, Athens 122 42
  • Ampelokipi: Panagi Kyriakou 17, Ampelokipi, Athens 115 21
  • Vrilissia: Analipseos 7, Plateia Analipseos
  • Kipsei: Fokionos Negri 84, Kipsei, Athens 113 61
  • Koridallos: Ag. Georgiou 54, Koridallos 181 20

    More Greek Books

  • Adam
  • Editing and publishing house specialising in art books, archaeological, museum and travel guides etc.
  • (Add http://www.)
  • Akrokeramo
  • Electronic books store.
  • (Add http://www.)
  • Anubis
  • On line greek bookstore.
  • (etc)
  • Apollon
  • On line bookstore.
  • Books in Greek
  • Books in Greek is the most comprehensive on line greek bookstore.
  • Bookstore
  • Law books publish and distribution.
  • Deutsche Buchhandlung
  • German bookstore in Athens. Online order.
  • Dion Publisher - Psaras Bookstore
  • Dion editions and Psaras bookstore. Specializes in psychology and philosophy books. Online ordering.
  • Dioptra
  • Online publishing house.
  • On line bookshop.
  • On-line shop for books, software and toys.
  • Ela Greece Books
  • The book page of Ela Greece. Providing books for pleasure and school. In english and greek.
  • Entos Publications
  • Literature, poetry, history, philosophy, essays, folklore, books for collectors, athleticism.
  • Giovanis
  • Greek publication house. Oniline orders.
  • Greece In Print
  • The world's Greek Literary Connection. Over 2,000 English and Greek titles. GiP specializes in Greek subject matter books, authors, educational and cultural multimedia cd-roms and audio and video cassettes.
  • Greek Sunshine Books
  • the North American supplier of Greek books. Contemporary books written or translated into Greek for families, schools and community groups situated outside of Greece and particularly in North America.
  • Greekbooks Net
  • Electronic bookstore with 146.000 greek books of 1.800 publishers. On line orders.
  • On line bookstore with Greek books. New releases, best sellers and more.
  • Greekbookstore - Ianos
  • Hellenic on-line bookstore.
  • Hekate, Dionysus, Hermes
  • By Renee Tzanakou. A saunter in the works of ancient mythologists.
  • Katoptro
  • Publications of scientific books.
  • Konstantinidis
  • Bookstore in Thessaloniki, online orders.
  • Kyveli
  • Leader books
  • Bookstore.
  • Lemoni
  • Bookshop in Athens.
  • Malliaris Paedia
  • On-line book store.
  • Mini book
  • On line shopping for books.
  • Papyros
  • Book store in Ano Glifada. Books, writing materials, gifts. Online ordering.
  • Protoporia
  • Bookstore.
  • Salto
  • Athletic editions.
  • Greek books.
  • Spageiria publications
  • On line shop.
  • Stamoulis Publications
  • Stamoulis publications and vivliognosia, the first greek scientific online bookstore.
  • The illustrated greek wine book
  • A greek wine guide. On line ordering.
  • TransMart
  • Greek bookstore for transportation and shipping books, on line order.
  • University Publications of Crete
  • Non profitable publication house.
  • Vivliognosia
  • Greek electronic scientific bookstore.
  • Ziti
  • Publication house of educational books.