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Live Music, Bars, Dance Clubs in Athens

Last Call, Smoking and the Drinking Age

There is no last call in Greece, things start late and close when the last customer leaves or the manager decides to close. Dawn?

There is no drinking age either at least not one they enforce, but drinks arent cheap though they generally pour a stiff one. Smoking is in designated areas supposedly which no one pays attention to.

Some of these fancier joints, towards the bottom of the page, have door men allowing or disallowing entry according to your date, dress, reservations and DNA.

Many of these clubs change their whole ambience, decor, music style and name at the drop of a hat as in the latest percieved trend. Lounge type decor is in vogue this week. A lot go out of business too.

Neighborhoods of the Athens Scene

If you want to be where the crowds are doing that walk or eye contact thing (the peripato, with or without music necessarily), start in the touristy Plaka (to get that over with) and then go where the Greeks go: the Gazi, Thission, Psirri, Kolonaki, Exarhia, Fokionos Negri and Pangrati areas of Athens and finally Kifisia and Glyfada in the burbs.

Live Western Music in Athens: Good Foreign Acts Few and Far Between

Occasionally a good foreign act shows up and then tickets are hard to get so you have to watch the periodicals (Athinoroma, Exodus, Time-out, Athens News) like a hawk and be prepared to get tickets asap.

These acts usually play at venues like the Rodon, Lykavittos Theater: Tel: 210-322-1459, the Half Note, and Herodou Attikou (where Tull tickets last month topped out at 100Eu/ea.)

Once a year, down by the sea shore, for three days, is the Rockwave festival usually in early July.

There purport to be a wide variety of LIVE Western style music venues but these western style acts are just that: "Style" usually with Greek groups playing rock, jazz or blues or much hyped 3d string American jazz or Blues acts.
Gotta love the Vavouras Band though "I wanna hold your hand" too Go Johnny Go. georges music storeNo seriously Johnny is good and sings and plays bass at the same time which aint easy he likes to play to the crowd so plays golden oldies a lot!

Zero Zero is another good band, but a bit more original which I saw last summer in Andi-paros.

These palikaria are a hard working 4 peice of Athenians and who's guitar player George Zhkos owns a music store and sounds like a cross between Freddie King and Keith Richards! Now there is something you dont see everyday in Greece! Way to go George!

Thats Geoerges music store above left and its worth checking out if you are a guitar player additionally they sell Greek style instruments of course.

For some reason the Greek language doesnt lend itself to Rock lyrics easliy no matter how good the musicians are or arent. So to make it short, imho, in general, Athens isnt the best place in the world for live western style music with occasional exceptions of course. So see these types of acts somewhere else like London, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, etc.

I said it once and I'll say it again: most born and bred residents of Greece arent good original hard rockers even if some try to play/dress the part. They play covers just fine sometimes. Greek-foreigners are a different story. There are some good local jazz musicians but nothing phenomenal. Their Pop music is particularly bubble gum but so is most pop music. "s'agapo-po-po-po"

Bars/ Clubs in Athens

They are good Greek DJ's, although any sap with a stereo or 2 turn tables can open a bar and a lot of them do with the volume too loud and usually right when you dont want to hear it too even on the beaches.

So depending on your taste, here are some choices for you. Be advised that most of these clubs close during the summer months and re-open in various island venues. Wise folks will call ahead! Times vary also and 1am is a good time to go out.

Live Rock Clubs

Athens largest rock club is The Rodon, a converted movie theater, but done well. It kind of reminds me of the Orpheum in Boston. Here you will see live bands, foreign (for instance: Iggy Pop, John Cale, Ramones, Dr. John) and Greek. Tel-5247-427, 24 Marnis St., Athens. Near Omonia sq.

The AN Club, don't ask me what the name means. Tel-3305-056/7, Solomou 13-15, in beautiful downtown Exharhia, Athens. Here you will see live bands, foreign and Greek. Rave type parties after 1 am.

Gagarin 205 is a newer venue with live music, DJ sets and cult Greek cinema. 205 Liosion Ave, Thymarakia, Tel: 210-854-7600. Its not a bad spot and will remind you of home town clubs perhaps.

Blues & Jazz Clubs in Athens

The Half Note Jazz Club (live Jazz & Blues),Trivonianoy St. 17, Metz, Athens., e-mail:, Tel: 9213-310. 9232-460 sells out quick, good! Magic Slim etc.

Empleon 20A Laskaratou St., Ano Patisia, Tel: 210-228-0402, recorded music in cool neo-classical building with nice summer garden.

Jazz 15 Tatoiou St, Kifisia, Tel: 210-801-4036, acid jazz to freestyle, nice garden.

Parafono 130A Asklipiou St, Exarhia, Tel: 210-644-6512, cool little place with long history, often has live music with mostly jazz tunes other nights.

Thirio 1 Lepeniotou St., Psyrri, small club with jazz and funk playlist.

Ethnic Music in Athens

Red Marrakesh 3 Agatharchou St, Psyrri, Tel: 210-331-7646/7/8. Morroccan beat; Dj and live. Oh for a narghile of kief!

Cubanita 28 Karaiskaki St, Psyrri, Tel: 210-331-4605/6/7/8. Dj and Dj live percussion/vocals adds up to a good time for all with Cuban salsa the usual flavor.

Folie 2 Esselin St, Ambelokipi, Tel: 646-9852. Has a fun Brazilian night with real Brazilians adding zest. Also plays Jazz, funk and hip hop.

Palenque 41 Farantaton St, Goudi, Tel: 210-775-2360. The original Latin club and usually packed. Has tango nights and even lessons with lively DJ's nightly.

DJ'd Classic Rock & Alternative Art Rock Clubs

Argo 35 Ploutarchou St., Kolonaki, Tel: 210-725-4093. Winter HQ of famous Mykonos Rock Bar in arty island style environment. Wide variety of rock tunes.

45° 18 Iakchou & Voutadon, Gazi, Tel: 210-347-9625. US style bar with Harley Davidson decor in a 2 story industrial building with occasional live performances. Nice roof garden in summer with Acropolis view and video screenings. Gamut of rock.

Blue 8 Messolongiou St., Halandri Sq., Tel 210-681-5505. Dj's play it all from old to new. 3 bars on 3 floors with eclectic roof top melange of art music among the oleanders and jasmines.

Chorostasio 2 Skouleniou St, Klathmonos Sq, Athens Center, Tel: 210-331-4330. All year rock hang out in 2 story neo-classic atmosphere, gothic parties, electronic, 80's, tributes.

Decadence 69 Voulgaroktonou & 2 Poulcherias St., Strefi Hill, Exarhia, Tel: 210- 882-3544. 2 bars in one: record debuts, tributes, indoor beach volley ball, blonde bashes, you name it's done here!

Komis 15 Laskaratou St., Ano Patisia, Tel: 210-210-3176. Dj's spin Greek and foreign rock in summer garden with brasserie. Open all year. Nice neo-classic building.

Mad Club 110 Ermou & Avliton St., Athens Center, Tel: 210-322-7663. Can you spell Trendy? Teeny-boppers with more money than sense of/or style. You may even find a virgin here.

Memphis 5 Ventiri St. Hilton Area, Tel: 210- 722-4104. Cool jungle like dance floor, 80's sounds, Tuesday is Gothic night, summer patio.

Mo Betta 32 Koletti St. & Themistokleous, Exarhia, Tel: 210-381-2981. Among the cities most popular with Tuesday being hip-hop and Thursday being thrash metal with pop-rock in betwixt. Exarhia chic is jeans and a tee! and of course a tattoo or two.

Mojo 36 Papadiamantopoulou St. Illisia, Tel: 210-775-7033. Plays it all with a summer garden and good selection of single malt scotch.

Pop 10B Kleitou St., Tel: 210-322-0650. Nice friendly tiny place with British pop art rock up the ying-yang. Cor blimey! Can you spell etherial? I cant!

Dance Clubs in Athens

Bossa Nostra Noir 3 Zoodogou Pighis St & Academias St, Center (near Omonia Sq.), Tel: 210-384-0205. Black decor, House Music, Hip-hop, Black room with film screen of course.

Free Base 110 Ermou & 6-8 Avilton St, Center, Tel: 6932-076122 (mobile) Moroccan red leather interior, DJ this DJ that, live percussion, sax players and art exhibits.

Plus Soda 161 Ermou St., Thission,Tel: 210:345-6187 The "most famous Athenian Dance Club", resident artists, funky attire, celebs and hey we are on TV!

U-Matic 268 Vouliagmenis Ave, Aghios Demitrios, Tel: 6945-363700 (mobile) 2 stages of techno at 220bpm.

Venue 7 Sina & Kifisias Ave., Tel: 210-610-6869 Marousi in winter, Aghios Kosmas beach, Elliniko in summer, Tel: 210-985-2995 Glamour and expensive house music.

Fashionable Club Destinations (Dressy/Expensive)

Alekos Aghio Apostoli (Attica)Tel: 22950-82338/85104. Stone walls surrounding the lush, candle lit garden make this a popular summer all night dance spot sweetie. House music and restaurant.

Atlantis Chalkoutsiou Ave., Oropos, Tel: 22950-31832. Big summer Club near Athens, huge garden, nice interior. Plays the hits Greek and International.

Balux 58 Vas. Georgiou II, Asteria, Glyfada, Tel: 210-894/1062/1620/1109. Lounge by the pool or beach side as you listen to famous mainstream DJ's.

Banana Moon 5 Stadiou Sq. & Agras, Pangrati,(Olympic Stadium)Tel: 210-752-1768 or in summer Palmeras, Glyfada. Mainstream and Greek music.

Budha In winter on Syngrou Ave, in summer in Glyfada on the water. Commercial house and dance hits.Tel: 210-894-5992

Camel 74 Irakleidon St., Thision, Tel: 210-347-6847 DJ's spin Glam Rock to contemporary and alternative.

Club 22, 22 Vouliagmenis Ave., Neo Kosmos, Tel: 210-924-9814, Summers: Diadochou Pavlou, Glyfada waterfront,Tel: 210-894-4422. Zany club with carnivalstyle theme parties, kitch dress contests, short films, art exhibitions, magicians, stand-up, drag contests. Wide range of music. Very tolerant crowd.

De Stijl 11 Vouliagmenis Ave., Glyfada, Tel: 210-960-2611/2. (winter) Glamorous VIP crowd, strict entry. Greek music and foreign hits. Summer in Voula at Eirinikos, 4 Posidonos Ave., Voula tel: 210-895-2403.

Envy 123 Syngrou Ave, Neo Kosmos, Tel: 210-935-5665 (winter). Summers: 2 Gr. Lambraki St., Asteria, Glyfada. Trendy, expensive, with mainstream music.

Fogg's 10-12 Kifisias Ave., The Agora Shopping Center, Marousi, Tel: 210-684-6690. Winter only club with expensive international glamorous decor perhaps designed by Phineas? Indian, Japanese, Moroccan. World Music and dance show and cool costumes for the help.

Island Limanaki Vouliagmeni, summer only, Tel: 210-965-3563/4. Beautiful club-restaurant with great sea view and atmosphere.

Kalua: winter: 6 Amerikis St., Syntagma Sq., Tel: 210-360-8304. Summer: Porto Rafti, Avlaki, Tel: 22990-75415, Mainstream.

Karina Akti Alimou, Alimos, Tel: 210-985-8654 Pleasant, low key, open air, summer club-restaurant. Good hit music.

Liberty & Comeback 10-12 Kifisias Ave., The Agora Shopping Center, Marousi, Tel: 210-684-0392. Mainstream club-restaurant with retro Greek music, door control. Goes waterfront in summer and changes name to Comeback.

On the Road 1 Adrittou St., Mets. Near Olympic Stadium, center. Tel: 210-347-8716. A summer club with a garden playing worldbeat music.

Privilege winters: Agh. Eleosis & Kakourgodikeiou, Monastiraki, Tel: 210-331-7801. Summers: Aghios Kosmas beach, Ellinikon, Tel: 210-985-2993 Huge club, Greek music, foreign hits, restaurant, expensive, discriminating door man, yawn!


Vinylio 33 Poseidonas Ave, in the Hotel Emmantina, Glyfada. Tel: 210-968-1056. Like going back in time and fun too!

Trendy Alternative

STAYLOS in Thiseon, just south of Monastiraki is a cafe-bar, art gallery that often has live music. The Thiseon area is considered very hip these days as it strives to change from a manufacturing area to artists lofts and clubs. Call for schedule: 3452-502.

Staylos is also a restaurant. I ate there and the food was quite good. On a weekend night this is a good place to get picked up if you are a female as there was an abundance of Greek testosterone. I'd call it 4 to 1 Male to female. It kind of reminded me of Faneuile Hall in Boston without the kelly green and preppy atmosphere. Its not a taverna so it costs more.


Half Note Club, Trivianoi 17, Metz, Athens. Tel: 9213-310, 9232-460. "The" Jazz club of Athens. Musicians from Europe and The US.


Club Soda, Ermou St., good hetero dance scene, visiting dj's from all over Europe.

+Soda: in Glyfada a suburb of Athens, by the sea. Tel: 8940-205

R-Load: Vouliagmenis Ave. 268, Tel: 9716-145

LOOP: In Thiseon, 3247-666

Lobby Multi-Color: Ermou St., downtown Athens, Tel: 3218-933, 3218-953


EXO: 1 Marco Mousourou St., Metz. Tel: 92-37-109 (near stadium, city center)

The bar "exo" which means "out" has a happening, yuppie type, atmoshere with a 2500 drx. cover which entitles you to a free drink. The clientel is staight and good looking. The music is disco and too loud to talk. People stand around and pretend they're having a good time. It's very trendy and unique because its open in summer as well as winter. Extremely popular, wall to wall estrogen and testosterone. There are three floors and the restaurant is supposed to be superb.