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Athens Restaurant Guide

Harry's Mostly Central Athens Restaurants Guide


In all cases: call in advance, in case reservations are required or to see if they are on summer or religious holiday and closed (especially in August!!!) Fridays & Saturdays are the busiest nights. In August, Athens is empty so its easy to get around, but the restaurant owners may be vacationing/closed too! Where price is listed below it includes appetizer and main course but no wine.

Traditional Greek Tavernas

In the Byronas area (named after Lord Byron) near Kessariani on the mountain slopes with a wonderful garden and 10 degrees cooler than in the city: The Tavern "Manolis", Mysias 39, Tel: 210- 76-65-054 /Taxi from Constitution Sq. $4

In Exarhia: Taverna "Barba Yiannis", This restaurant has a nice outdoor area to dine in and is located at Emanuel Benaki 94. See pictures below. Closed Sundays.

In Pangrati behind the Marble Stadium near The Hilton Hotel, with a extra large garden, barrel wine, nice waiters, great food: "Virins" or Bupinhs in Greek, Archimedies 11, Tel:210- 701-2153/ Taxi from Constitution Sq. $2.50

In Pangrati, "O Karavitihs", Pausanius 4, Tel:210-721-5135. Its on the street just across from the statue of US President Harry Truman on Vas. Knostantinou. Tell the cabby to "agalma tou tru-man" Taxi:$2.50

In Ano Kypseli, "Iliovasilema", family tavern, Parnithos 54, Tel: 210-866-3312, a few blocks above Kypseli Sq., Cool temperatures on the slopes near Tourkovounia, Excellent food, great waiters, barrel wine, fish and meat, a real taverna with outdoor seating too!!! Taxi from Syntagma @ $3 I am going back!

The Few Plaka Area Restuarants I Recommend

Bakaliarakia 41 Kydathinaion St. Tel: 322-5084. Basement with excellent sea food! All year! Closed Sundays, (price 9-12 Eu pp)

Platanos 4 Diogenous St., tel: 210-322-0666. Traditional & Groovy! Closed Sundays, (price 9-12 Eu pp)

Xynos 4 Angelou Geronta St., Tel: 210-322-1065. Worth getting lost to find, a traditional! (price 9-12 Eu pp)

Taverna Poulakis 6 Panos St, near Roman Agora, great local for lunch while site seeing! Tel: 210-321-3222 (price 9-12 Eu pp)

Kouti 23 Adrianou St., Monastiraki. tel: 210-321-3826. Call first! Reservation? Good Nouvelle Greek (price 22-32 Eu pp)

Gourmet Food in Central Athens

Aigli Bistro Cafe Aigli Zappeion Gardens, all year, Tel: 210-336-9363 (Price: 36-42 Eu pp)

Edodi 80 Veikou St., Koukaki Acropolis Area, all year closed Sundays, Tel: 210-921-3013 (price 35-40 Eu pp)

Le Grande Balcon St George Lykabettus Hotel, Kolonaki. Tel: 210-729-0712, all year exept Sun & Mon nights (price 33-39 Eu pp)

Orizontes Lykavittou Summit of Mt. Lykabettus, all year. Tel: 210-722-7065. Great view too! (price 40-60 Eu pp)

Red Athinais 34 -65 kastorias St. Votanikos. Tel 210-348-0000 (price 38-50 Eu pp)

Spondi 5 Pyrronos St., Pangrati. Tel: 210-752-0658. all year. (price 42-53 Eu pp)

Hipster Dining

Alekos Metropolitan Agiou Dimitriou 9, Kifissia, Athens, Greece Telephone: +30 210 8015830, all year, closed Sundays. (price 20-25 Eu pp)

Asteria-Dexia 3 Andronikos St., Rouf area. Tel: 210-342-2380. all year, closed Sundays. (price 27-33 Eu pp)

Balthazar 27 Tsocha St. & Dion. Soutsou, Ambelokipi. Tel: 210-641-2300-9. all year, closed Sundays. (price 39-47 Eu pp)

Central  14 Filiki Etaireias Sq., Kolonaki. Tel: 210-724-5938 Winter only. (price 35-45 Eu pp)

Frame St. George Lykabettus Hotel, Kolonaki. Tel: 210-729--0712. all year. (price 29-32 Eu pp)

Interni 152 Ermou St. Gazi. Tel: 210-346-8900. Winter Only, closed Sundays. (price 40-50 Eu pp)

Kitrino Podilatio 116-118 Keramikou Sq., Gazi, Tel: 210-346-5830. Nouvelle Greek & excellent! (price 30-40 Eu pp)

Mezzo-Mezzo 58 Syngrou Ave. Tel: 210-924-2444. Winter only, closed Sundays. (price 50-60 Eu pp)

Sea Satin 1 Fokylidou St., Kolonaki. Tel: 210-361-9646. Winter only. (price 25-38 Eu pp)

Ratka 30 Charitos St., Kolonaki. Tel: 210-729-0746 winter only, closed Sundays. (price 25-35 Eu pp)

Boschetto Evangelismos Grove by hospital Kolonaki area, Tel: 210-721-0893 all year, closed Sundays, (price 43-56 Eu pp)

Man Ray by Ginger 10-12 Dorylaiou St., Mavili Sq., near US embassy, Tel: 210-645-1169 winter only, (price (21-27 Eu pp)

Vegetarian Restaurants

Diaylos Drakou 9, Fix area off Syngrou Ave. Tel: 210-923-5888

Eden Lisiou 12 & Mnisicleous, near Agora,Tel: 210-324-88583

Greenery Kodrigtonos 14, near Park of Pediou Areos (Alexandras Ave.),Tel: 210-821-2943


Crepe X-arhia Exarhia Sq., Stournara & Themistocleous corner, Tel: 210-384-0773 (delivers too) Excellent!

La Creperie Ippokratous 148, Tel: 210-646-8493

Phaidra Metsovou 14, Mouseo area, Tel: 210-883-5711

Fotaerio Ippokratous 74, Tel: 210-363-2362

International Cuisine

Agrotikon Tournavitou 6, Psirri area. Tel: 210-324-0121

Academy of Food & Wine Academias 24, Syntagma area. Tel: 210-364-1434

Athinaos In the Hotel Esperia, Stadiou 22, Syntagma area. Tel: 210-323-8105

Aiolos Aiolou 18, Plaka areaTel: 210-:325-3071

Alexandras in Hotel Park, Alexandras Ave. 10,Tel: 210- 883-2711

Azul Haritos43, Kolonaki areaTel: 210-725-3817

Bajazzo Tirtaiou 1 & Anapausious, Metz areaTel: 210-921-3013

Dekaepta Likavittou 2, Kolonaki areaTel: 210-364-7049

G.B. Corner In Great Britain Hotel, Syntagma Sq.Tel: 210-333-0000

Ideal Panepistimiou 46, Syntagma area,Tel: 210-330-3000

Magic Garden Amnita 4, Pangrati areaTel: 210-722-3195

Michelangelo In Andromeda Hotel, US Embassy/Mavili Sq., Tim. Vassou St. 22Tel: 210-643-7302

Milton's Adrianou 91, Plaka areaTel: 210-324-9129

Olive Garden In Titania hotel, Syntagma area, Panepistimiou 52,Tel: 210-383-8511

Parliament In Athens Plaza Hotel, syntagma Sq./Tel: 210-325-5301

Pil Paul St. Paul St. 51, Thission area/Tel: 210-342-3665

Saloon Alkmanos 36, Illisia area,/Tel: 210-724-2208

Symposio Erechtheiou 46, Odeon Herodio area (Acropolis)/Tel: 210-922-5321

Chrissa Aiolou & Dimofontos 81, Ano Petralono area/Tel: 210-:722-9106

French Cuisine

Beaurevoir Xenokratous 51, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210-722-9106

Entrecote Ploutarchou 10, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210-722-9106

Prunier Ypsilantou 63, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210-722-7379

Italian Cuisine

Al Convento Anapteron Polemou 4-6, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210-723-9163

Boscheto Alsos Evangelismou, Kolonaki area near Hospital Evangelismos./Tel: 210-722-7324

Casa di Pasta Spefsipou 30, Kolonaki area,/Tel: 210-723-3348

Il Parmigiano Gravion 3, Kolonaki area,/Tel: 210-364-1414

La Pasteria Tsakalov 18, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210- 362-2032

Sale & Pepe Aristippou 34, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210- 723-4102

Stars Xenokratous 49, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210- 729-4111

Tutti A Tavola Spefsipou 8, Kolonaki area/Tel: 210-725-7756

Asian Cuisine

Dragon Palace Antinoros 3. Pangrati area/Tel: 210-724-2795 (Chinese)

Far East Stadiou 7, Syntagma area/Tel: 210-323-4996 (Chinese)

Furin Kazan Appolonos 2, Syntagma area (Japanese)

Kiku Dimokritou 12, Kol/Syn area/Tel: 210- 364-7033 (Japanese)

Little China's Boyfriend Keas 54, Kypseli area/Tel: 210-201-4955 (Chinese)

Mitsiko Kidathineon 27, Plaka area/Tel: 210-322-0908 (Japanese) Good!

Nanking Papdiamantopoulou 30, Illisia area/Tel: 210-775-3810 (Chinese)

The Sushi Bar Varnava Sq., Pangrati area/Tel: 210-752-4354(Japanese)

Beer Gardens / Wine Bars

Alexandras Argenities Demokratias 14, Park of Panathnaia/Tel: 210-645-0345(Beer Garden)

Aspro Aristofanous 4, Psirri area/Tel: 210-331-3218 (Wine Bar)

Beer Academy Stournarra 29, Exarhia area/Tel: 210-381-6962

Birra Birra Alkimachou 21, Caravel Hotel, Illisia area/Tel: 210-725-9170

Bynh/'Venee', Drakou 10, Koukaki area/Tel: 210- 922-6225 This place is excellent, the chef is Cuban and hasnt let me down yet! Millions of beers from all over the world, many on tap, if you like beer go here! Waiters are a bit pretentious, attire casual, wine available too. To sit outside call for reservation if its past 10 PM.

Lili Marleen Metsovou & Rethimnou St 12, Moussio area,/Tel: 210-823-3013 (Beer)

Bar of Chemicles Hippocratous 150, Exarhia, /Tel: 210-646-8493(Wine Bar)

Rockwood Vas. Herakleou, Mouusio area,/Tel: 210-821-6400(Wine Bar)

Strofilia Karitsi 7,/Tel: 210-323-4803

Tar Herakliou Ave. 34,/Tel: 210-223-7717

Sea Food

Tourkolimano or Mikrolimano, the old ancient harbor in Piraeus has many good seafood restaurants all in a row, pricy but charming and well worth the experience if you can afford it. At least $15/person. 2. Depth or Bythos, Sq. Agh. Asomaton 9 & Adrianou St corner, Plaka area,Tel: 210-/321-1966 3. Thallasinos, Tsakalof 36a, Kolonaki area, supposed to be wonderful,/T:361-4695 4. Kastelorizo, Tsakalof 6, Kolonaki area,/Tel: 210-361-7833

Fortuna Anapiros Polemou 22, /Tel: 210-722-1282

Sonar 8 Spefsippou St., Kolonaki, Tel: 210-725-7756. all year. (price 30-36 Eu pp)

In Glyfada, near the sea shore & airport, a wonderfull upscale Seafood Restaurant called "Theodores' and Ellenies" is Fantastic. Not only does it totally brake away from the traditional taverna style, the service is Johnny-on-the-spot too. Best salad in Athens with spinach, broccolli, horta vleeta (Greek collard greens), beets and lots more veggies. Breaded prawns with seasame, Calamaria, mussells, clams, pasta, it was all a gastronomic orgy. Or order your choice of fresh fishies. Kondilli 8, Glyfada/Tel: 898-3140. Its not cheap but worth it. About your standard US dinner in price!


Ethiopian: Axum, Ioan. Drosopoulou 183, Park Areos area,/Tel: 210-201-1774

Slavic: Bohemia, D. Tseliou 5, Ambelokipi area,/Tel: 210-642-6341

Cypriot: Cypriana, Endilou 9-11, Goudi area,/Tel: 210-748-5339

Polish: Diporto, Alaxandras Ave. & Therianou St. 12,/Tel: 210-643-5356

Brazillian: Planet Samba, Sarantapichou 15-17, Lykavittos Hill area,/Tel: 210- 361-5488

Cuban: Coubanita, Psirri area winter, Kaireskakis 28,/Tel: 210- 331-4605, Glyfada area summer. Lots of fun! Live music!

German: Ritterbourg, Fourminos 11, Caravel Hotel area, Illissia/Tel: 210-723-1282 Good sausages!.


Craft Athens, Alexandras Ave. 205, across Nirvana Cinema,/Tel: 210- 646-2350 (looks good/modern/clean)

Ancient Greek

Archai Gefsies Kodratou 22, Platia Kareskaki, near Omonia/Platia Vathis,/Tel: 210-523-9661

I ate here and it was good, they make a big deal about authenticity. Its their angle but who cares really? The ingredients havent changed that much in 2,000 years. The food was very nice but pricy and the atmosphere open and spacious as one dines on the large, torch lit, exterior patio. Getting a smile out of the toga wearing waitress was impossible however. Forks are forbidden, as sacred to Poisidon... spoons and knives are the alternative. Kind of dumb... wont be heading back any time soon as I can get goat cheese anywhere. They do put honey in the wine though. Good for a large party and if you want to hear yourself talk.

Glyfada Area Restaurants

In Glyfada, near the sea shore & airport, this wonderfull upscale Seafood Restaurant called "Theodores' and Ellenies' is Fantastic. Not only does it totally brake away from the traditional taverna style, the service is Johnny-on-the-spot too. Best salad in Athens with spinach, broccolli, horta vleeta (Greek collard greens), beets and lots more veggies. `Breaded prawns with seasame, Calamaria, mussells, clams, pasta, it was all a gastronomic orgy. Or order your choice of fresh fishies. Kondilli 8, Glyfada/Tel: 898-3140. Its not cheap but worth it. About your standard US dinner in price!

Athens Central Market Restaurants

Assuming that a restaurant within Athens Central Market (on Athinas Street connecting Omonia and Monastiraki Sq.) will have the freshest quality available, just about anywhere, I recommend lunching in one of the 4 working class, no frills ouzeries and sit down restaurants in the market. Doesnt matter which one either, as you may have to wait a bit for a place to sit in these cramped but delicious establishments. Crayfish was the order of the day when I was there last and these are guaranteed not to be tourist traps!

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