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Athens Street Names

Athens Cultural Stew of Street Names leavened with History

Many of Athens major central dromoi or streets, that you will likely soon happily trudge along, are named after Kings, Queens, and historic personages from every epohee or epoch: from the more recent , Amalia, Olga, Sophia, and Constantine to the more ancient Alexandras, Hippocrates, Solonos, and Themistocleous.

Religion also plays a big role in Square and street names. Squares are often named for their nearby Church. Additionally, there are Religious streets, Sacred Spring Streets, Saint Streets, Islands Streets, and more foreigners named too, usually philhellenes, i.e., friends of Greece: like the familiar; Truman and Byron, and less familiar Italian, French, Balkan and Russian sounding names too. My favorite transliteration is Gladstonos (near Omonia Sq.) after Prime Minister of England Gladstone.