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Athens New Airport: Eleftherios Venizelous (ATH)

Cool Map of Athens? oasa.gr/index.asp?asp=sitemap.asp
..pdf map of Athens bus, tram and everything routes?

click to see largerAirport Telephone: 210-353-0000, 27 KM/18Miles from Athens.

In addition to 45 minute or so Athens metro & Airport Train, there are three public bus routes that serve the airport to Greater Athens and Piraeus. Departing Omonia and Syntagma Sq's.

Routes E95 and E96 are 24 hour routes and E95 runs from 5am-11:30pm.

About Route Durations

Don't be fooled, these transfer durations depend on the current traffic too - allow extra time particularly in peak season: June & July but not in August since Athens is empty in August but the rest of Greece is packed. (August and Greek Easter are both excellent times to get to know a much more sedate Athens - Athens hotels are usually cheaper then too)

E94 will take you to the Metro stop of Ethniki Amina (National Defense) where you may connect to other metro stops. It takes about 1/2 hour to reach the metro and the buses leave every 15 minutes. Duration:Quickest!!

Syntagma (Constitution Sq.) and Phaliron station also have direct links with Ethniki Amina Station.

Bus Cost: 3Eu, ticket good for 24 hrs on all other forms of Athens public transportation. You must validate your ticket at boarding time.

E95 goes from the airport to Syntagma Sq. and leaves every 10 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day. Duration: 1hr

E96 goes from the airport to Piraeus Port and leaves every 20 to 60 minutes depending on the time of day. Duration: 1 hr

The Port of Rafina is attainable thru the Rafina-Airport Bus-Rafina for 3EU. Summers mostly.

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