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Athens Buses, Trolley & Tram Page 1
also Attika Regional Orange colored buses serving Athens
also Sporades and Cyclades departures via bus then boat

Cool Map of Athens? oasa.gr/index.asp?asp=sitemap.asp
..pdf map of Athens bus, tram and everything routes?

Hi! On this page I highlight a few of the bus, trolley and tram options available to you embarking in central Athens. Depending on your destination all of these can come in handy.

I gloss over your most likely in Athens uses of the system and then point the out of Athens (but still in Attika) uses and finally the island departure points that you need to reach before embarking by boat for the Sporades Island Group but also, using Rafina, select Cyclades islands as well.

I stress that you should be on the look out for pickpockets in any crowded situation but particularly the trolley which tourists are known to frequent and consequently targeted by sophisticated and sometimes ethnically mixed teams of pickpockets. There are thousands of third world undocumented immigrants and refugee's living in Athens, the vast majority of whom are hard workers - it only takes one however, to steal your wallet or passport.
See my tips for securing your 'on person' valuables.

For the purpose of this Athens centered and based description: Trolleys and the new Tram line are basically an in Athens only resource as are the Blue and Polka dot buses immediately below. The Orange KTEL Buses go all over mainland Greece and have their counterpart on the larger islands like Lesvos, Crete and Rhodes. If you want to go somewhere off the beaten track KTEL buses are pretty good and reasonable. Some have movies and toilets. Go with express when available. More on K.T.E.L. Orange buses below.

Blue Buses and Polka Dot buses are Similar.
The Polka Dot ones just run on natural gas!

blue busthese are like the 

blue busBuses are plentiful and inexpensive in Greece! And in Athens special bus-only lanes have been designated which really speed things up! Some of them, like on Academias street near Syntagma even have one way streets where the bus lane goes the wrong way. This can be disconcerting and dangerous if you are absent minded.

Bus are painted different colors so you know roughly what each is supposed to do but as is inevitable, incongruities appear such as these two buses pictured above right and left, which, essentially, are the same type of bus but the right hand one pollutes a lot less by using natural gas which Greece has a decent supply of. So, they made it a green color.

Of course each bus ply's its own special route and note must be taken of the bus number regardless of its color. Signs and routings are posted by bus and ticket stops or enquire of the ticket seller.  More below.

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