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The New Metro and Older Electric Train Systems Page 1

Athens now has three metro lines!
Plus a 45 minute airport rail link to Monastiraki Sq
where you change from Blue line to Green for Piraeus!

Beautiful New Stations with Exhibits - Fast Dependable Service

There are 2 regular metro tickets .80€, .70€.
Metro hours: 05:00-24:00

Syntagma Metro Stationclick to see largerThe metro is great and if there is a problem with it, it arises out of the fact that there is no one station where all three lines converge and because historic Athens is so small 90% of visitors will never need to use the metro because they can walk.

Walkable or not depends on the weather, your fitness level and your time constraints but even fit folks can benefit from the completion of the new Keramicos station at the Keramicos ancient cemetery and Oberlander museum site and the Acropolis museum at the Acropolis stop!
Others so aligned can use the metro to get off at Evangelists stop and be smack
in the center of Athens unique museum row.
The Metro's hours: 05:00-24:00
& Open 7 days!

The new metro is interesting in and of itself for some of the station interiors replete with (well made reproductions of the really priceless stuff usually) ancient exhibitions and maps. Its also incredibly clean, fast and decently priced.
Photo: the pretty Syntagma or Constitution Sq. Station. Click to see larger.

You'll learn more about the most interesting stations below. Right now however its important that you at least know that you can enter stations and see exhibits without buying a ticket. Syntagma Sq. and Acropolis are the stations to see if you can only see two. Piraeus, Panepistimiou, Monastiraki, and Thession stations are all pleasant too! More below.

As you enter these immaculate stations you wonder... is this a subway? Where are the trains? Why is it so clean? Spotless in fact. Many times, the larger hub stations occupy several street levels and its down on these levels that you board the carriages themselves. Larger stations like Syntagama, Acropolis, Panepistimiou and other have nice displays of Art including the ancient discoveries found while digging the new lines.

Free Athens Maps: If you ask the various metro station booth attendants nicely they will give you a free, in English map at the station but they run out sometimes.

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