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The New Metro and Older Electric Train Systems Page 4

Port of Piraeus to Airport Link

click to see larger Even pell mell, late for a plane, the Piraeus to Airport scramble only requires you change lines once, from green to blue at Monastiraki to reach the airport.

That move involves a bit of a roll as they discovered archeological ruins below the place where they wanted to put the station initially and had to move it over a block - that distance, which you can see in this drawing left, you have to cover, baggage in train (pun intended), changing lines from green to blue. Monastiraki is confusing in that there are two entrances and exits to it one in the square and one on Athinas street where it meets the square.

Syntagma Square station is tied with Omonia Sq in importance and the rest of the metro stations pictured below are those you are likely to use the most in central Athens. But first here are some basic tips on the metro.

click to see cash machine and ticket 

machines largerBuying Athens Metro Tickets

Photo right has metro ticket and cash machines in Syntagma Sq. station and you'll find them at other stations too or a booth attendant or both.

To use the machines press the button for the kind of ticket you want FIRST and then put the money in. The machines give change too.

There are 2 regular tickets .80€, .70€.

HINT: These fares seem absurd to me. You'll get dizzy trying to figure out the fares, typical Greek Bureaucratic non-sense. I just buy the higher priced one and let my team of accountants worry about the 10 cents. The cheaper one is for the old electric train line essentially.


ticket validator machineTickets: the honor system almost

1. One can get on & off the trains without a ticket because there is nobody checking except periodically.

Left a ticket validator. Just slide your ticket in the bottom slot and it wait a second until it is automatically time stamped. Then pull it back out and put it somewhere convenient until you totally exit the station property.

Riding without a ticket Is not advisable, as, even though controls are in-frequent stiff fines are imposed, like some 60 times the ticket price. So hold onto your validated ticket until out of the station.

"Please remember to validate your ticket by inserting it into the validating machine as soon as you board on a bus or trolley bus or you enter a metro station.
Make sure you always hold the correct ticket for your journey and keep it safe till the end of the trip.
Otherwise, you are liable to an on-the-spot fine".

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