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the Evangelical Metro Stop near 

byWalking Tour with Metro
Museum Row (has 7 museums)

Another walking tour where the metro can come in handy is Museum row. If you don't dawdle or even if you do, you can see all the museums on museum row in less than a day!

Get off at the blue line Evangelismos stop and you will be smack dab in the middle of Museum Row or continue on to Megaron Musikis (Opera House) stop to reach the American Embassy.

Walk back towards Syntagma Sq visiting the museums as you go or to wherever your muse leads you. Perhaps to near by Mt. Lykavittos for an gourmet dinner overlooking the city. Or to Kolonaki for some up-scale boutique hopping. There is a Zara on Solonos Street and more european designer shoe stores, both male and female, than you can shake a stick at. The Evangelismos stop is named after a nearby hospital.


click to see largerThe Museum Row Museums in brief

Start early to beat the heat and alight from the metro at the Evangelism(o) stop and walk up a block or two to the Hilton Hotel. Map just above. Photo below right.

No. 1. Diagonally across this busy intersection of some of Athens busiest roads start your museum hop, at the Pinakotheque a.k.a., the National Art Gallery at @ 8:30 am and work your way back towards Syntagma Square on foot.

start here; the Hilton Hotel and the plate glass 

angst filled statue outsidePhoto right is the Hilton Hotel and the plate glass, angst filled statue outside. Brilliant, (click to see larger) it was designed by local son Kostas Varotsos and its called the Dromeas in Greek. This moved here in 1994 from Omonia Sq's Metro work.

Standing as in the picture view The Greek National Gallery is across the street on the right. Its courtyard has the obligatory banner and various outdoor exhibits calling attention to itself.

There are often major foreign artists showcased in addition to the Greek art which is its main attraction.

The  Emperor Justinian 527-565 ADNo. 2.Next moving down Queen Sophia's blvd  towards Constitution Sq. will come the Byzantine Museum on your left hand with its three small buildings and the so-called and still un-opened to the public Lyceum of Aristotle campus. Seeing is believing.

The last time I visited the Byzantine Museum it had some particularly nice mosaics like this one of The Emperor Justinian 527-565 AD.

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