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click to see largerThe War Museum: Its free, extensive and underrated

No. 3 on the route is a really cool museum and living, it seems, in a sort of denial state, never advertises itself, never sharing exhibits of war with other museums it just carries on doing what did does best and its called the War museum. 

That nome de guerre doesn't do it justice and my killer marketing instincts tells me it should be called the Polemics Museum instead. After all Polemics is something the human race seems to excel at so a study of it should behoove us all.

The fact remains that this museum was built during the junta period with the blessing of the colonels themselves which gives it a chiaroscuro past. Greeks are getting something from it however as its always noisy by the stairs on the way to the auditorium and from the hubbub there always seems to be a party going on. But that's downstairs, ground level and up the museum is usually empty. They just modernized it as well and added many new exhibits on the upper floors.

I mean everyone has heard of 

black glass obsidian blades from Milos but how many have you actually encountered?What I like about the Polemics museum is that no one goes there and its Free! It also has a lot of really rare weapons (unique in the world really) from every epoch and many other ancient things as well.

I mean everyone has heard of black glass obsidian blades from Milos but how many have you actually ever seen? Here they are in the flesh at the Polemics Museum. Milos is the only place in the Cyclades with Obsidian which was highly valued for its sharp edges. Milos' Obsidian has been traded in theMediterranean area since pre-history and prized up until the smelting of metals.

By the way, none of the other museum are free, except on special days and they didn't have the original Mycenaean treasure Heinrich Schliemann discovered either so check out The Polemics Museum.

The unique cycladic museum cafeThe National History Museum with Strategos 

Kolokotonis on horsebackLeft the Cafe of the Cycladic Art Museum and only cafe of the museums on the row. Near by Kolonaki square has plenty more besides.

No. 4 is the Cycladic Museum which is great until you go to the National Archeology Museum which in my laymen's view has a much larger and better collection of Cycladic figurines.

No 5 the Benaki collection is next and then No. 6 the National History Museum.
Photo Right: The National History Museum with Strategos Kolokotronis on horseback. This is another good museum to visit with far fewer crowds. Its small but it has atmosphera maybe because many of the people shown here died for what they believed in.

coins from the 

Karditsa hoarde 460 BCHere is the source of the Alpah Bank Logo 

you will see all over AthensNo. 7 is the Numismatic or coin Museum which is housed in the Megaron which he built, sparing no expense, for himself, that is to say, the revered Mr. Heinrich Schliemann excavator of Troy, self made millionaire, discoverer of grave circle A and the golden death masks (his erroneously called 'treasure of Agamemnon' - on display in the nat. arch. museum).

Above Right: coins from the Karditsa hoard 460 BC. Above left: From the case on the right is the coin source of the Alpha Bank Logo you will see all over Athens. If you like coins check this museum out and the building itself is an excellent example of good taste - you'll recognize it because there are swastikas, an ancient solar symbol, (from long before the Nazi's) decorating the massive metal fence street level. The Numismatic Museum Is right off Constitution Sq. at 12 Panepistimiou St. but very low key so you have to look for it.

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