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The New Metro and Older Electric Train Systems Page 9

Monastiraki Station

clcik to see largerMonastiraki Sq sta aheadThat's Monastiraki Sq. in both photos with the metro station on your left hand side. Click to seelarger.

That's it again center and in it you can see the whole station en face there in the background.

Vendors and crowds swarm as tourists cross paths here in Monastiraki Square an Athens Must See!


Bordering the station to its right is Hephaisteou (Vulcan) Street, home to the famous and not to be missed Monastiraki flea market while to the left is Hadrian's Library and further on a melange of other ruins from ancient Greek and Roman to Byzantine times culminating, as you reach the apogee of your walk, in the Acropolis.

Flow like water and you'll enjoy the long shop and cafe lined promenade of the Hadrian Street extension sandwiched in, as it is by the metro rail bed. Next stop is the Thession Metro Station which you'll reach after a short 10 min walk. This is also the way to the near by Pnyx lower entrance, where great and secluded view may be sometimes had.

Below Left is the Thession Street Station entrance in the photo and I took it to give you an idea of the walking distance from the Acropolis of the Thession Street Station. That's the tip of the Parthenon in the low down center of the photo - click to see larger. Even the Acropolis Station is a good 10 minutes walk to the Acropolis' gate as you can see if you click the center picture below. That's Piraeus Station on the right which incidentally is just across the street from the Cycladic Boat Docks. Its well designated for once as to how to find the right dock and your Greek Island Ferry boat.

The acropolis distance increases 

at the Thession station over monastiraki clcik to see larger the Piraeus station

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