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The Anglican Church, St. Paul's, 37 Philellinon St.

ATHENS GREECE athensA bit further on down Phiellinon St., also in a square, backing Amalias Ave., lies St. Paul's, in Gothic style, and was designed by C.R.Cockerell in 1840-43.

The Church was constructed at the request of prominent English residents such as Sir Edmund Lyons, the British minister and George Findlay the eminent historian, primarily with private funds. It lies within the diocese of Gibraltar and was consecrated by its Bishop in 1843.

clcik to seeWithin are many memorials of the British in Greece. especially the Philhellenes who came to assist Greece in the struggle for independence against the Sublime Portal. General Sir Richard Church, who commanded the Greek forces in 1827, has painted windows in the north and south of the church dedicated to his memory.

click to seeFrank Abney Hastings has his heart immured in the church and is commemorated with a plaque. His ship the Karteria was the 1st steam ship to take part in a naval battle and helped defeat the Turks in 1827 at the Battle of Itea. British citizens continued to help Greece long after the initial liberation (1832) as the plaque to Clement Harris testifies. He lost his life in 1897 at the battle of the Five Wells in Epirus northern Greece.

click to seeOther plaques remind us of British losses in Greece during the 2nd World war. Outside the church is the gravestone of John Baptist Lusieri who died after despoiling the Acropolis on behalf of his employer, Lord Elgin. The East window commemorates the victims of the 'Dilessi' murders in 1870. These murders created an international scandal in 1870 when several wealthy British travelers visiting Marathon were attacked and kidnapped by "Klefts" (brigands) in league with Greek politicians. An inept rescue attempt failed resulting in their deaths.

Phihellinon St. is translates as "Friends of Greece Street" and runs throughout the heart of the Greek capital, and soul for that matter!

Below are the Dilessi brigands before and after justice was imposed upon them Muslim style! They lost their heads!

dillesi brigands posing dillesi brigands beheaded