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The New Acropolis Museum

In Athens, By Athens, for Athens!

With its very own metro stop the large, spacious and airy New Acropolis Museum is built in such a style that future generations will always debate which particular aspect of its design they approve most!

Internationally acclaimed and highly respected architects collaborated to make this a museum whose combination of elegance and respect for its priceless treasures vie with one another in the viewers eye.

The museums politically correct design features create a mellifluous harmony which will inspire and exemplify for generations to follow the strength, character and tenacity of the Greek peoples. For if ancient Athens wasn't a political place what was it? There were a few major differences to be sure;).

Built in Athens by Athenians over ancient Athens, its foundation respectfully display the recently meticulously excavated homes and workshops preserved below. Using the most modern and companionable techniques such as projection displays, lasers and glass floors, walking these hallowed halls are just one of many evocative and unforgettable experiences to be appreciated at the New Acropolis Museum.

Until 31st December the entrance price is is assessed one per person.
Hours are 8am - 8pm (high season hours). The Museum is CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

You'll kick yourself later if you don't visit both the museum and the near by Acropolis too! Allow three hours minimum, wear sensible shoes and a hat you can fold! Its always sunny and the New Acropolis Museum, perhaps the most advanced of its kind in the world, is designed to make use of sunlight for which Greece is famous and justly called "the Land of Light" or in ancient Greek parlance "Ell-as".!

Main Entrance New Acropolis Museum - cleick to see larger excavatioons below the N.A.M. click to see Lgr glass floor of the New acropolis Museum New Acropolis Museums' very own words The New Acropolis Museums Metro Display - click to see Lrg

Photographs are not permitted within the New Acropolis Museum - none.
With typical Greek panache, responsible authorities neglect to signpost adequately (or at all for that matter) the direction to the museum's entrance from the Metro stop. Which for a museum a city block square is an over sight! Go up the hill and to the left upon exiting the Metro's escalator/stairs. There on the left hand side are the stairs to the main entrance below including the special needs entrance.

The construction of a new museum to house all the surviving antiquities from the Acropolis has been Greece's objective for over three decades. The existing museum on the Acropolis is too small and because of this many antiquities are displayed or stored in other Athenian museums basements. The limitations of the existing museum, the extrordinary significance of the finds and the effort to reunify all the existing pieces of the Parthenon make the construction of the new museum an imperative.

Today's new Acropolis Museum providing over 14,000 sq, meters of exhibition space is being built at a cost of approximately 130,000,000 euros. Following an international architectural competition the design of Benard Tschumi Architects and Athens based Michael Photiadies was awarded the 1st prize for this major international project. Construction of the museum is underway and it is anticipated to be completed soon.

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Its a good ten minutes to the Acropolis ticket office so this is what you see when you ascend at acropolis metro station

the metro is convenient