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Greek National Historical Museum

the museum is right in the center of townOld Parliament Mansion, Kolokotronis Sq., Stadious St. Athens 10561 Greece. Tel: 210- 323-7617. Daily except Monday 9am-2pm. Free Sundays. Fee 6 EU.

The museum is housed in a building completed in 1875 and designed by the French architect Boulanger. This building was used as the Greek Parliament Building until 1930. The museums main purpose is to display in chronological order, the history and culture of the Greek people from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 to WW II.


early Parlimetary hall ship figurehead mexis room b

room b room d room g

room s statue of kolokotronis is outside another view

The National Historical Museum

  • Central Corridor: Busts, portraits and weapons belonging to historical figures
  • Corridor A1: Byzantine Empire (324AD-1453), Statue of the last emperor Constantine Palaiologos who defended unsuccessfully Constantinople. Illustrated manuscripts.
  • Room A: Turkish and Venetian Rule: Helmets and armor 14th  to 17th Century, Sea Battle of Lepanto (1571), Battle of Preveza (1571).
  • Room B: The Awakening of Greek National Consciousness. Portraits: Phanariote (Greeks from Constantinople's aristocracy) and Grand Dragomen of the Ottoman Empire
  • Room C:The War of Independence 1821-1827
  • The Greek Clergy and its role in the struggle.
  • Corridor E: Missolongi - Navarino. Pictures of the siege of Missolongi and sea battle of Navarino. Ship figureheads.
  • Room F: The Grecian Navy in the struggle for Independence. Islands with the strongest fleets memorabilia Hydra Spetses and Psara. The heart of Constantine Kanaris.
  • Room G: The Modern Greek State establishes itself
  • Room H: Parliament and regaining lost ground
  • Room I: The Balkan Wars (1912-19130)
  • Corridor I1: The Greek Italian Wars (1940)
  • Room J: King George the 1st Memorabilia
  • Rooms: K1, K, L, M. Relevant costumes, furniture, paintings.
  • Museum from the street out side below: Statue of General Kolokotronis. You'll see his crested red hat inside!