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The War Museum

CLICK LGR: this is far end of museum row away from Syntagma startThe War Museum is located in the center of Athens to gather, safeguard and present the military artifacts and memorabilia of Greece's history in a suitable way.

Within, are studied, documented and publicized the sacred struggles of the Greek Nation from antiquity to the present day. In order to reinforce the national memory and to highlight the historic continuity and unity of Hellenism. The museum consists of 4 floors.

On the 1st floor there are 12 exhibition halls displaying artifacts of Greek history from antiquity, the Alexandrine Years, Byzantium, the new periods of Latin and Turkish rule, the National Uprising, the Greek War of Independence 1821-27, the New Hellenic State, the Balkan Wars, WWI, Asia minor, WW II: the Greek Italian War, the German Invasion, Battles of Fortifications and of Crete.

The Pierre Z. Saroglos (1864-1920) Collection consists of rare and valuable offensive, defensive and hand to hand weapons and artillery, many of which are works of art, from different periods and from all over the world. Also on the first floor. I have another page on this museum too.```

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