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The many faces of Syntagma Square's Culinary Art Page 1

Some Major Changes to the square

Zonars in 1930Since last updating this page there have been changes, some good, some bad, and one re-opening specificaly that of Zonars to our Syntagma Sq retail food choices but sure changes for the better in the clothing and shopping markets caused by the new Attika MallZonars is on ground floor of the Attika Mall building


I have to and do praise the new metro station too! Certainly a valuable resource!

Untill recently, because it has reopened, most tragic to gourmands was the closure of Zonars restaurant which was a unique Greek-European style pastry-sweet shop and cafe. The kind of place that, If it were in London, Watson, Holmes and Mycroft would have supped here regularly. 

you can get these all over Greece sometimes -click for Greek food guideThe New ZonarsZonars also had interesting natural light flowing through diaphanous gauze curtains and lots of tables inside and a few outside too. The menu was varied and boasted various sandwiches, cannelloni, wiener schnitzel, toasts, coffees, teas and assorted pa-go-toe (ice cream) of which my favorite was the Chicago, which my grandfather (Papou) first treated me to. This picture of a chicago left is from the Dodoni home-made ice cream chain which I also recommend. Dieting tip: ask them to hold the whipped cream!

The only problem with Chicago ice creams is that you, like me, are on a permanent diet, or lifestyle change (as some call it), and that one can't find Chicago ice creams on the menu of that many establishments that easily anymore either, although Flocafe,  which is another another old time pastry shop, but expanded now, to 'chain store status; and proliferate enough so that you will run across them fairly often and Dodoni will make you one.

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