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Easternmost Greek Macedonia and Greek Thrace

map of north eastern greece

Macedonia is now split between three modern nations, and rightly so with the largest portion in Greece, which is referred to in this article as Greek Macedonia, to distinguish it from both the Former Yugolslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and from the Pirin mountain region in southwestern Bulgaria.

Mt. Falakro

sheep grazing near the ski center mt falakroJust 10 km (6.2 miles) north of the city of Drama (Dhrama in Greek) this limestone mountain rises to 2232 meters (7321 feet). It is easily reached from that city due to the recent construction of a ski center and a road to it.

There are over 800 species of plants on this mountain, including some arctic-alpine one near or at the southern limit of their range.

There is a good deal of forest on the mountain, with oak and scrub on the lower parts, and beech, pine and fir higher up, and there are various birds of prey. Grazing is common.