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North Central Greece

north greece

This area includes most of the huge plain of Thessaly on the southern end, where cotton, grains and tobacco are cultivated.

Mt. Ossa

Southeast of Mt. Olympus, this conical mountain reaches 1978 meters (6488 feet),. Its flora in the higher parts is similar to that of Olympus, with the highest parts bare, though there are wildflowers from spring into summer, and even in autumn. Ossa is part of a Special Protection Area for birds which covers nearly 41,990 acres (17,000 hectares). Birds of prey including the eagle owl, Levant sparrowhawk, lanner falcon and the semi-collared flycatcher are found there. This mountain is reached by road via Sikourio and Spilia on the west, or from the northeast via a road that climbs from north of Karitsa.